Summer 2021 Activity 7: Dali Museum with Lunch at Historic Vinoy Hotel - July 21, 2021 -         

   Bitter Ends, July 21, 2021, Summer Activity 7: Dali Museum with Lunch at Historic Vinoy Hotel with Hostess Penny Washburn.  Our day started with carpooling in three cars to The Dali.  Once there we waited in line just a short while for it to open.  Met Beth and husband Bob as they were doing the museum but as a separate group, then on to a Rays game.

   Our group of 10 was outfitted with Bluetooth headsets for the private tour plus Dianne and daughter Meghan.  We were well informed and entertained by our Tour Guide Penny.  TG Penny gave us insights into Dali’s up bringing and life with often “adult rated” facts and many symbols in his paintings.  Feigning embarrassment at times, our guide’s candid explanations were entertaining and gave us a better understanding of the artist and his works.  One Bitter End exclaimed about TG Penny, “She’s a Hoot”!   Note most of TG Penny’s info came from stories learned from the Morses, who knew Dali and wife Gala well and over time purchased the works that make up the present-day Dali Museum Collection.  On special exhibit were photos of and by famous woman Lee Miller, visit this link for more info about her:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Miller.

   We thank our Hostess Penny Washburn for arranging and prepaying so we could have such a tour.  Public tours are still not being given.  After another 45 minutes of wandering around on our own with visits to the well-stocked Gift Shop, we met to head for the Vinoy Hotel for lunch.  Lunch at the hotel was at “Paul’s Landing” next to the pool area and included a nice view of the harbor area.  This week’s themed collage by Nancy Marik are three Mustache Silhouettes.

   If you missed this fun event and are planning a trip, note parking at the Dali is $10 per car, and runs $6.00 per car at the Hotel Vinoy parking garage. Nancy’s car got in Dali free as the Gate Keeper thought private tours got in at no extra cost.  And Lois’ car got a free street side parking spot at the Vinoy.  Ann’s car got hit by both parking charges.  Related links: https://thedali.org/ and  https://www.hotelsone.com/st-petersburg-hotels-us/the-vinoy-renaissance-st-petersburg-resort-golf-club.html .  

Original photo before editing was taken by Meghan, Dianne's daughter! Thank you, Meghan! Left to right:  Nancy, Tour Guide Penny, Sue, Dianne, Karen, Hostess Penny, Shirley, Ann, Wendy, Pam R., Lois, and Jean.

This week's themed collage by Nancy Marik!

Hostess Penny Washburn. Great job making reservations and prepaying that made our day so informative and fun!

Inside at left and Outside at right of The Dali Museum, outside photo by Beth Anderson!

Mini group waiting in line: Pam R., Nancy, Jean, Shirley, Penny, and Beth

Penny and Shirley, note small world Penny's sister Eileen worked for Shirley years ago!

Tour Guide Penny explains how the Dali collection all started. TG Penny shared stories about Dali told by the Morses.

Salvador Dali and wife Gala! Photo by famous Lee Miller.

TG Penny explained many of the symbols in Dali's paintings. Many "adult rated"!

Ann Carrol studies the painting featuring Dali self portrait at lower left.

Special Exhibit: Photography of and by famous woman Lee Miller. Nancy takes reflective selfie with Rolleiflex Camera display.

IODs in the Harbor, photo by Beth Anderson

Lunch at the Historic Vinoy Hotel, photos from their website!

Lunchtime fun, Dali impersonators!

Meghan and Dianne, Mother and Daughter!


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