Summer Activity 5, July 7, 2021, Aqua Silk Party -   

     Aqua Silk Party was hosted by Captain 2021-2022 Season Pam Miller.  An evening of "oohs" and "ahs" as we admired, encouraged, and cheered each other on as in turn each of us created our own masterpiece silk scarf.  The Aqua Silks Studio is adorned with various finished silks: table runners, hats, larger scarves all on display giving us plenty of ideas.   Scattered about are a number of chairs and stools to use as we waited for our turn.  Also enjoyed throughout the evening were tasty snacks including crackers, hummus, chesses, fruits, meats and homemade brownies with from scratch whipped cream to top all provided by Hostess Pam.  Drinks varied from water to spirited choices brought by Lois and Hostess Pam. 

     Our instructor Susan, the shop′s owner, gave us a brief history of this ancient art form done today with similar basic hand-made tools using modern paints.   Susan and helper Rachael demonstrated how it all works.  From skimming the water with paper towels to create surface tension, to adding various paints with variant names, and then manipulating the water′s surface to create fascinating swirls of color and design.  All were astounded as Susan lifted up her sample, now a paint soaked, silk square.

       We got to work in three stations at a time.   Each of us were cheered on by others as our droplets of paint added new dimensions to our works in progress.  Tools: a thin pointed stick, boards with nails in different locations, a wide metal comb and a chopstick like tool gave us options to dramatically change the look.  When we finally pulled up our own creations others wowed us.  Then as instructed we dropped them into a numbered bucket of water.   At evening′s end all picked up our still wet creations now packaged into a plastic zip lock bag in a gift type paper bag.  A drawing was done to pick a winner for the sample scarf which Susan made.  Hostess Pam reached in to draw out the winning number, 8.  The winner, Past Captain Marge Whiteman won the prize scarf.

     Although the cost for this activity was $50 it was well worth it for this fun and creative evening, and the take home scarf "I made myself".  A big "Thank you!" to Hostess Pam for arranging it all.   

     This week′s silhouette themed collage of course is a scarf adorned with our wet creations.  Note, the Aqua Silks Studio is located on Venice Island (101 W Venice Ave, Suite 8) and their website is www.aquasilksstudio.com .


Scarf collages by Nancy Marik.  The first collage on the left mostly features our works in progress and the second on the right mostly details our creations as wet scarves.  Click on scarf to see a larger image.  Note, final steps at home.  Rinse again in cool water, lay to dry, apply hot iron to the backside.  Done.

Left to right: Hostess Pam Miller, Dianne Henderson, Jill Joos, guest Lindsay Chappell, guest Julie Bolton, Lois Steketee, guest Ashleigh Bolton, Mary Littel, Nancy Marik, Marge Whiteman, Ann Carroll.  Note guests are Marge's sister Julie, her daughter Ashleigh, and Ashleigh's cousin Lindsay.  


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