2018-2019 END of SEASON Party & Awards   (scroll down)

SHIPMATE of the Year Award for 2018-2019
Claire MacFayden
ROOKIE of the Year Award for 2018-2019
Mary Littel

Honor bestowed by your fellow sailors
in recognitionof helpfulness, active participation,
attitude, and good sportsmanship

Honor bestowed on New Salt  in recognition
ctive participation, Attitude, and good
sportsmanship given in memory of
Bitter End Barbara Dein
Pictured are l-r Judy Collins, Karen Williams, Nancy Muldoon, Carolyn Holmes, Miriam Staveley, Ann Carroll, Janet Molen, Susan St. John, Marge Whiteman

Sherry Beck for
End of Season Party Photos!

Perfect Attendance!
Nancy Muldoon & Susan St. John


Our hostess, Penny Washburn, left. Right outgoing Captain Gloria Casey reports on our year!

New Captain Anne Chotkowski and outgoing Captain Gloria

Pass winners of the Rookie of the Year Award share their impressions!

Rookie of the Year Winners: Mary Ann Weneck (2018), Mary Littel (2019), & Susan St. John (2017)

Good attendance at end of year party!

Anchor Member Lisa Marcotte with new Captain Anne

Mary Littel and Marge Whiteman

SUNFISH Sailors presents at the Party!


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