RACE of the AGES Regatta, Bitter Ends vs VYBA* November 17, 2018    Water Photos/Video on Separate Webpage

RACE of the AGES

Bitter Ends vs VYBA

AWARDS provided by Bitter Ends
 Movie Tickets & Certificates

Plus Sailboat Place Cookies
made by Race Chair Pam Miller

See the Winners!
Click for Water Photos/Video! The Competitors with RC & Safety Boats Crews!

Front row: Judy Karr, Beth Anderson, Landon Coleman;
2nd row:  Colton Schmidt, Alyssa Jongsma, Karen Williams, Wendy Murray, Judy Collins, Zoe Watson, Anna Roberts, Annabelle McClintock, Kane Fenton, Pam Miller;
3rd row/back left:  Bitter Ends Captain Gloria Casey, VYBA Director Tara Foster, Sylvia Turner, Coach Evan Occhino, Coach Ethan Hanley, Olivia Hanley;
3rd row/back right Donna Koval, Marge Whiteman, Janet Molen

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Bitter End's Captain Gloria Casey baked and decorated Cupcakes for all.

Supportive Parents watch as the Kids go to work along with the Bitter Ends!

Bringing Boats down and Rigging!

Bitter End Tina Haase teaches the Kids to rig the Sunfish and helps out with launching.

VYBA Director Tara Foster conducts a short Captain's Meeting. Noting 18 sailors and 16 boats.


Bitter End Sylvia Turner crews the RC Boat with VYBA Director Tara Foster who runs the Regatta.

Cleanup goes quickly!

After the Races, lunch is served! Pizza and Lemonade by VYBA, and Cupcakes by Captain Gloria and Brownies brought by Janet Molen.

Photographer and Helper Bitter End Nancy Marik


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