Fall Home Interclub, November 7, 2018    Water Photos/Video on Separate Webpage

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Great Success with Visitors from the
Salty Sisters, Broad Reachers and
Dinghy Dames!

Greetings by Captain Gloria,

Race Instructions by Race Chair, Pam Miller

Planned by Interclub Chair, Susan St. John

Course A RC Boat Captain Marty

Spectator Boat Captain Kim Whiteman

Course B RC Boat Captain Beth Anderson

Lunch and Sign-in Helper Anne Chotkowski

Lunch at Higel Park
Catered by CROISSANT & CO

Photographer Nancy Marik
The Competitors!
Left to right: Salty Sisters of St. Pete: Gail Poffenberger and Debbie Walcut;
Broad Reachers of Pass-a-Grille: Katie Rogers and Judy Clapp;
Dingy Dames of Davis Island: Nanette Grantham, Susie Colonio, and Patti Chapin;
Bitter Ends of Venice: Miriam Staveley, Jill Joos, Tina Haase, and Claire MacFayden.
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Starting with the Days End are the Awards!

Opti Winners: SS Gail Poffenberger (2nd), BE Miriam Staveley (1st), BE Claire MacFayden (3rd)!


SUNFISH Winners: BE Tina Haase (3rd), BE Jill Joos (2nd), DD Nanette Grantham (1st)!


Winner BE Miriam checks out her 1st place Gifts!

Winner SS Gail happy about being 2nd!

BE Winner Claire elated coming in 3rd!

DD Nanette very happy about her 1st place Win!

BE Jill happy to be 2nd!

Really elated for her 3rd place is BE Tina!

The Day started early: Captain Gloria with "new" race Mark!

Bitter Ends hurry to get boats down and rigged for the Visitors & Themselves!

Mary Ann Weneck, Judy Collins, Sylvia Turner, Penny Washburn contribute the Refreshments!

Race Chair Pam Miller meets with the Coruse A RC Boat

Anne Chotkowski, left, handles sign-in and lunch cost & choice!

Old Salt Judy Collins. gives New Salt, Dianne VanVolkenburgh, the scoop on Interclubs!

Visitors Broad Reacher Katie Rogers and Saltly Sister Gail Poffenberger!

Visitors Broad Reacher Judy Clapp and Saltly Sister Debbie Walcut!

Signing in Broad Reacher Judy Clapp

Former Bitter End Sue Colunio, now Dinghy Dame Susie uses a BE Club Sunfish rigged by Jill, Ann, Jane, and Marge!

Dinghy Dame Patti Chapin signs-in!

Dinghy Dame Susie Colunio and Salty Sister Gail!

Dinghy Dame Nanette Grantham!

After the Races Visitors help Clean-Up!

Salty Sister Debbie Walcut

Lunch at Higel Park catered by Criossant & Co!

Special Thanks to Beth Anderson who brought her own boat over to run Course B for the PARMS and non-competing IODs. They had 4 races!

Beth's crew on Course B, Sylvia Turner, Captain Gloria Casey, Tom, Judy Clements!

Special Guest Carol (left), friend of Janet Molen's from California, who joined the Spectator Crew!


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