Halloween Sail 2018

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Halloween Sailors 2018
Winners: Claire for Most Elegant, Captain Glo for Most Creative, Nancy for Most Floatation
The Evening and Elegantly Dressed Group
The Bedtime Group
The Miscellaneous Group
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All Winners recieved a Quality Bottle of Wine!

Winner Captain Gloria for Most Creative!

Winner Dockmaster Claire for Most Elegant!

Winner Webmaster/Historian Nancy for Most Floatation !

Our Judge, Tara, VYBA Diractor!

Arrgh! Says N. Muldoon

New Salt Christine!

Scary Beauties!

Boatmaster Judy K.!

Mary Ann is Ready for Bed, is this a Drill?

Bedtime Horrors for Judy C and Karen, Ethel at her scariest!

Pam's Dance Card is Full, Janet making the Big Bucks!

Wendy says,,"I'm not going down with the Ship, the Starboard Studs are coming to the Rescue!

Our Starboard Studs!

Pam is rescued!

Judy C.'s Mickey Slipplers!

Lunch at Bodrum Turkist Cafe after Sailing!


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