Florida Women’s Sailing Association (FWSA) May 2018 Meeting at Davis Island in Tampa, FL

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      Wind Blown at Davis Island hosted by the Dinghy Dames, twenty Bitter Ends attend the FWSA* May 17, 2018 Meeting.  Bitter End Ann Carroll completes the 2017-2018 Season as FWSA President!  Our Delegate PC Miriam Staveley with assistance from Delegate PC Carolyn Holmes present the Bitter Ends report as an entertaining Flag Lesson.  Judy Karr and Claire MacFayden run the FWSA Ships Store.  We also saw former Bitter End Sue Colunia, now an active Dinghy Dame, having moved to the Davis Island area.

     The Bitter Ends earns both the IOD/PRAM and Sunfish Spirit Awards for Interclub participation.  Note, Captain Pam must have unconsciously known this as she left last years Sunfish perpetual trophy at home.

      The Luffing Lassies of Sarasota used blue poms poms to cheer on their club as they win for nominating the winning Young Woman Sailor of the Year Award (YWSYA), Lilly Myers.  Lilly is in High School and has an aggressive plan for training and competing as an Olympic hopeful.  The prize money this year came to $2,000.  The Luffing Lassies Linda Schwartz was awarded the Lilly Kaighin Award.

      A Dinghy Dame won the 50/50 which was a prize of $205.

      Outgoing FWSA President Bitter End Ann gave her final report and was gifted with a beautiful sailboat necklace.  Ann gave a special gift of FWSA Decals to everyone as a "Thank you" of our support.

        New FWSA President for 2018-2019 is Penny Durham of the Luffing Lassies. 

More pictures below tell the story.  Pictures by Nancy Marik


Judy and Claire (filling in for Gloria) run the FWSA Ships Store

Miriam and Carolyn present an entertaining Flag Lesson as the Bitter Ends Report

Bitter Ends wins both SPIRIT AWARDS, for IOD/PRAM and Sunfish

Judy parades Ships Store bargains still available at the break

At break Bitter Ends enjoy the fabulous view at Davis Island Yacht Club

The YWSYA Committee lead by Luffing Lassie Fran Mericule.

Remember Sue, now officially a Dinghy Dame!

Bitter Ends did not win the 50/50 $205 Prize, it went to a Davis Island Dinghy Dame

FWSA has prospered during Ann Carroll's Leadership. She gives her Final Report as outgoing FWSA President for 2017-2018.

A beaming Ann loves her Sailboat Thank Gift from the FWSA Board.

Ann Carroll's Gift to all, as her "Thank you" to all of FWSA for their support, was FWSA Car Decals.

Luffing Lassie Penny Durham is the new 2018-2019 FWSA President


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