Halloween came early to the Bitter Ends on Oct. 25, 2017. Theme this year was Dolls. Many Bitter Ends participated creating sexy, beautiful, ugly and mysterious outfits. Runner up prizes to Beth Anderson for the Troll Doll, new Salt Mary Ann Weneck for ?, and Judy Karr as Broken Doll. Winners were Sexist Carolyn Holmes as Paper Doll, Best Disguised was Miriam Staveley as Voodoo Doll, and most creative was Jane Gallagher as Valley of the Dolls Star. Judges were Captain Pam Miller as Barbie and Janet Molen as Ken. Third Judge was Blind Justice, complete with seeing eye dog, expertly played by Gloria Casey. Also attending were Penny Washburn's (as Ugly Doll) daughter and son-in-law, Heather and Greg. Of all things they came as Sailors, Captain and pretty First Mate.
High winds with Small Craft Advisory kept all on the shore. Some boatyard work was done and Captain Pam lead a meeting complete with Sailing Tip. After which quite a few Bitter Ends headed for the Art Center to parade and enjoy the current artistic works on display, including a beautiful watercolor by Bitter End Karen Williams.
Then a remaining group of ten headed for the lunch spot. A new breakfast, lunch cafe, 124 Cafe, on Venice Island, two doors from the Venice Cafe. Food proved to be tasty, but could have arrived a bite hotter. Still I would go back, my Spinach Mushroom Egg White Omelet was quite good.


Captain Pam as Barbie

Judges: Blind Justice, Ken & Barbie

Creative Winner Jane Gallagher as Valley of the Dolls Star, Best Disguise Miriam Staveley as Voodoo Doll, and Sexiest Carolyn Holmes as Paper Doll

Runner Ups: Beth Anderson as Troll Doll, new Salt MaryAnn Weneck, and Judy Karr as Broken Doll

Sunfish for Sale! Barbie NOT included!


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