FWSA* September 2015 Meeting hosted by Sarasota's "Luffing Lassies"

The September FWSA* meeting was held in Bradenton at Pier 22 Restaurant.  Seventeen Bitter Ends attended in their lively scarves.  Delegate Sylvia Turner gave our Bitter Ends quarterly report.  Our Captain Ann Carroll is FWSA Treasurer as such she gave her Treasurer's Report.  Other highlights included a Know Your Members trivia game, in which Beth Anderson won a prize.  Also a written two question game was conducted about sailing rules ("How often are the Sailing Racing Rules revised?" and "When is a boat racing?") where many of the Bitter Ends got both or one of the questions correct and received a small prize.  The speaker was Carol Robinson.  She talked about her career in sailing, breaking down many "men only barriers" in sailing racing and Yacht Club Memberships.  She also demoed a few sailing race  stragedies.

* Florida Women's Sailing Association


Bitter Ends' Delegate Sylvia Turner gives our Quarterly Bitter Ends Report

Our 2015-2015 Captain Ann Carroll is also the FWSA Treasurer.

Karen Williams and Carol Crane with the Flag Centerpiece inbetween surrounded by sweet candy goodies.

Helen Gokbudak and Penny Washburn

Beth Anderson won a Prize in the Know Your Members game.

With 17 Bitter Ends in attendence we were spread on several tables. Karen Williams, Carol Crane, Brenda Bell, Penny, Nancy Marik and Helen Gokbudak.

Beth Anderson and Dianne Henderson

Carolyn Holmes, Sylvia Turner, Pam Miller, Miriam Staveley, Claire McFayden, Sue Carroll, Judy Karr, Gloria Casey

Carol Robinson was a interesting guest spreaker.

Many Bitter Ends were winners!


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