2014 Winter Race Series Awards

Winter Race Series Winners:

Left to right columns, front to back:
 Flight A Prams, Wendy Murray(1st), Judy Collins(2nd), Carol Miller(3rd)
Flight B (New Salts), Jan Hughes(1st), Linda Sheppard-Millette(2nd), no 3rd
IODs, Ann Carroll(1st), Miriam Staveley(2nd), Penny Washburn(3rd)
Sunfish, Janet Molen(1st), Pam Miller(2nd), Shirley Geoffrion(3rd)

   The Winter Race Series started in December 11, 2013 and
concluded with the Denis Hill Memorial Regatta on March 5, 2014.
Many race days  were lost due to bad weather, either too cold,
too windy or both.   Awards were made on April 2nd following
racing.  Captain Miriam called a short meeting to order while
the gals eat their bag lunches.  Karen Williams, Race Chair,
awarded the PRAM and IOD awards.  Don Marik, Sunfish Race Chair,
presented the Sunfish Awards.  New Award started last year has
become popular.  It's the Mermaid Award.  This award recognizes
the gals who have managed to fall in the water at the dock.
                             Scroll down for pictures.
1st Place Winners:

Jan Hughes, 2nd Flight, PRAMS;
Janet Molen, SUNFISH;
Ann Carroll, IOD;
Wendy Murray, 1st Flight PRAMS
2nd Place Winners:

Miriam Staveley, IOD;
Pam Miller, SUNFISH;
Linda Sheppard-Millette,
2nd Flight PRAMS;
Judy Collins, 1st Flight PRAMS
3rd Place Winners:

Carol Miller, 1st Flight PRAMS;
Shirley Geoffrion, SUNFISH;
Penny Washburn, IOD;
No 2nd Flight 3rd Place

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Whale Awards go to DeDee Connor, Pam Miller, Ann Carroll, Sara Evans, Penny Washburn, Miriam Staveley, Janet Molen

Turtle Awards go to Sue Carroll, Janet Molen, Shirley Geoffrion

Mermaid Awards go to Jane Forbush, Nancy Muldoon, and Nancy Bradtmiller

Captain Miriam calls the meeting to order.

Bitter Ends eat their bag lunches while a few issues are discussed.

Sunfish Sailors

PRAM Sailors

Standing left, Ann Carroll, Interclub Chair, gives an Interclub Report and reminds us of the home Interclub makeup coming up soon!

Race Chairman Karen Williams presents awards for PRAMS and IODs

New Salts thrilled to win in their 2nd Flight PRAM Class. Right is 1st Place Jan Hughes and at left 2nd Place Linda Sheppard-Millette bounds up.

More Happy and Excited Winners. This time Judy Collins (2nd Place PRAMS) at right and Carol Miller (3rd Place PRAMS ) at left.

No surprise our very talented, Ann Carroll wins 1st Place in IOD Class.

SUNFISH Race Chairman Don Marik presents the Sunfish Awards

Pam Miller is over the top with joy as her name is announced.

Janet Molen recieves all Awards (1st Place Sunfish, Whale and Turtle) except Merimaid.

Don Marik

Karen Williams and Barbara Dein


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