2014 VYBA Venetian Cup Regatta held April 12th (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Sailing in the Gulf far right, Beth Anderson (#80337) and Shirley Geoffrion (#4363) compete in Sunfish in the
VYBA Venetian Cup Regatta, which replaces the Annual Jabbo Gordon Regatta.  In middle Shirley and Beth after
the race.  Beth wins 2nd Place, trophy presented at left by John Sammett, President of VYBA.  Other Bitter Ends
volunteer at registration and lunch.

Higel Park Closed to the public for the day.

Helping out at Registration are Bitter Ends Carolyn Holmes, Penny Washburn, Helen Gokbudak, and Dianne Henderson.

Beth and Shirley head out to the Gulf for a day of racing!

Carol Crane & Ann Carroll on a rescue boat.

Karen Williams & Don Marik serve on the Race Committee for the IOD Fleet, red/white/blue, in the Gulf.

Captain Miriam is ready for a great day on the water

Dianne Henderenson, right. Dianne and other Bitter Ends helped with registration. Sylvia Turner, left, comes to help with lunch.

The Green Fleet, young sailors, race in Roberts Bay in IODs. They come in for lunch at Higel Park.

IODs showing what a beautiful day it was.

Sailing in the Gulf are Shirley Geoffrion, sail #4363, and Beth Anderson, sail #80337.

Beth and Shirley

Sunfish Winners, 1st Place middle,?, 2nd Place Beth Anderson at left. 3rd Place at right,?.

Shirley took 4th Place, left, and Beth, right, took 2nd in Sunfish.


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