June 4, 2014, Spring Race Awards Party held at the Bath Club in Nokomis, FL

 SUNFISH        PRAMS 2nd Flight      IODs         PRAMS First Flight

Pam Miller, left, receives the Shipmate of the Year Award!

Whale Charms for Perfect Attendance

2014 Spring Sailing Series Awards

SUNFISH  1st Place –Beth Anderson
Place – Pam Miller
3rd Place – Lisa Meacock

First Flight 1st Place – Judy Collins
nd Place – Carol Miller
rd Place – Nancy Muldoon

2nd Flight 1st Place – Jan Hughes
nd Place – Linda Sheppard-Millette
rd Place – Claire MacFayden

IODs 1st Place – Ann Carroll  
nd Place – Miriam Staveley
rd Place – Gloria Casey


Attendance Award, participated in every race:

Nancy Bradtmiller, Jan Hughes, Linda Sheppard-Millette, Sherry Beck, Ann Carroll,  Gloria Casey, Miriam Staveley, Pam Miller

Shipmate Award:  Pam Miller


The food is out!

The bar is open!

The Summer Activities Board is being passed around, Gloria Casey and Nancy Bradtmiller having a look. Note Judy Karr coordinates our summer calendar.

Memorabilia is out incl. memories of Abla, Pam Miller's display of news articles on BE activities, and this year's slide show by Nancy Marik playing

Pam Miller, PR Chair, prepared the front and back display, shown as side by side, of all the newspaper coverage Bitter Ends has had since last summer

Jan Hughes, Claire MacFayden, Ann Carroll, and Judy Karr start enjoying the appetizers

As do Pam Miller, Dianne Henderson, and Ann Carroll

Nancy Marik and Wendy Murray

Karen Williams and Garry DeLea

Jill Engel and Brenda Bell

Claire MacFayden and Linda Sheppard-Milette

Nancy Bradtmiller and Carol Miller get comfortable.

Lisa Meacock, Pam Miller, and Judy Collins find seats for the Awards Meeting.

All gather on the side porch as

Captain Miriam Staveley calls the meeting to order.

Treasurer Judy Collins gives a detailed financial report.

Secretary Dianne Henderson takes notes. There is a discussion about the need for Boat Removal when Storms are forecasted and the fall REV3 Event.

Barabara Dein and Alba's daugther Laura. Alba, who passed away recently, was a very active Bitter Ends sailor year's ago.

Ladies reminisce about past adventures with Alba. Beth Anderson, Helen Gokbudak, and Sherry Beck.

Nancy Muldoon and Vera Taborsky at right recall fun and challenging times.

Judy Karr remembers Alba's boat!

Penny Washburn is thanked for the years of use of the Bath Club for our Spring Awards Party.

Captain Miriam thanks Don and Nancy Marik for all they do. Don as Sunfish Race Chair and Nancy for Website, Picture taking and Historian.

Thank you for our Dockmaster Carol Miller.

Thank you to Sylvia Turner, center, for all the "Prize Paintings" she paints for Interclub Awards.

Special thanks to Captain Miriam's (far right) Board: Mardi Skoegard, Judy Karr, Pam Miller, Brenda Bell, Beth Anderson.

Other thank yous include Judy Collins, Treasurer, Dianne Henderson, Secretary, and Karen Williams PRAM/IOD Race Chair.

Ann Carroll, Interclub Chair, is thanked for the FWSA Spirit Award won this year. Also thanked are the other sailors who attended Interclubs with Ann.

Wendy Murray is given the honor of presenting PRAM/IOD Awards as she sailed in both fleets after her boat "broke" thus sitting out serious competition

2nd Flight, the newer salts, 3rd Place Winner goes to a joy filled Claire MacFayden, far right!

2nd Flight, 2nd Place, Linda Sheppard-Millette, second from the left is clearly enthused.

2nd Flight, 1st Place, Jan Hughes, happy and smiling

1st Fight, 3rd Place, Nancy Muldoon

1st Flight, 2nd Place, Carol Miller

1st Flight, 1st Place Judy Collins

IOD, 3rd Place, Gloria Casey

IOD, 2nd Place, a Happy Captain Miriam Staveley

IOD, 1st Place Ann Carroll

Don Marik, Sunfish Race Committee Chair, prepares to present the Sunfish Awards.

An over joyed Sunfish 3rd Place Winner, Lisa Meacock. Lisa also shared with us the news she became a U.S. citizen yesterday! Congratulations!!

Sunfish Tie Winners: But Sailing Rule applies, 1st Place, Beth Anderson; 2nd Place, Pam Miller

Sunfishers thank their Race Committee, Helper Stan Ozimek and Race Chair Don Marik

Stan and Jean (a Sunfish sailor) Ozimek

Pam Miller receives the Shipmate Award.

Captain Miriam passes on command to Captain Carolyn Holmes

New Captain Carolyn presents outgoing Captain Miriam with a Gift.

Captain Miriam with her Thank You Gift from the Bitter Ends

Captain Carolyn thanks Miriam and then makes her first statement as Captain, "Let's party!" as the meeting is adjoured.

Afterwards Nancy Marik, right, takes photos of the winners!

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