2014 Rainbow Best Photos (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)
    Photos by Bitter Ends Nancy Marik

Packing up for Rainbow on Friday morning, March 28. New Salt Susan Colunio finds out what its all about.

Captain Miriam Staveley

Sara Evans

New Salt Jan Hughes

Jan Hughes and Sherry Beck loading the sail bags.

Sunfisher Brenda Bell and Carolyn Holmes loading sails.

Sue Carroll has her sail ready to go.

Ann Carroll

Lynn Paul

Captain Miriam cushsioning her boat, "Just Ducky".

Sunfisher Brenda Bell helps tie up the PRAMS.

Judy Karr checks all the ties.

Finally done loading, our Bitter Ends helpers pose for group pictures.

Note Captain Miriam's sweat shirt.

Arriving very early at RAINBOW at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center on Monday, March 31

Helper Bitter Ends Helen Gokbudak gathers the noodles to protect the hulls while sitting on the beach.

On the beach Bitter Ends sailors Sherry Beck and Gloria Casey rig their IODs.

Helper Bitter Ends Nancy Bradtmiller carries someone's sail.

Bitter Ends Sunfish Sailor Shirley Geoffrion rigging her sunfish.

Bitter Ends Helper and Photogrpher Nancy Marik (foreground) points to the rigged Sunfish.

Finished rigging are Bitter Ends Sunfish Sailors Brenda Bell and Shirley Geoffrion.

Brenda, Penny, Shirley ready to sail!

On the Photo Boat are Bitter Ends Lynn Paul, Nancy Marik and new salt Susan Colunio.

Final adjustments being made by Captain Miriam Staveley.

Brenda's Sunfish, Sail #141, left, and Shirley's Sunfish, Sail #4363 sit while the sailors are at the Captian's meeting.

Out of the meeting and heading toward their boats are Bitter Ends DeDee Connor, center and Sara Evans and Carolyn Holmes.

Twin Sails, Bitter Ends Helen holds Shirley's sunfish at right w/sail #4363. At left is Luffing Lassies Linda Stewart's w/sail #4349.

Bitter Ends Brenda Bell heads out for the races.

Shirley Geoffrion heading out for the races.

Bitter Ends sailors heading out for the races, far left Sherry Beck, sail # 9136 and far right new Salt Jan Hughes, sail #1

Bitter Ends Sara Evans, sail #4 is 2nd from the left

Bitter Ends Jan Hughes

Bitter Ends Captain Miriam Staveley

Bitter Ends Judy Karr, sail #19933

Bitter Ends Ann Carroll, 2nd from the left, sail #22

Bitter Ends Sue Carroll, sail #19068

Bitter Ends Captain Miriam Staveley

Bitter Ends Carolyn Holmes, sail #6

Front right Bitter Ends Penny Washburn, sail#19192

Bitter Ends Ann Carroll and Sue Carroll pass each other in opposite directions.

Bitter Ends Brenda Bell

Bitter Ends Shirley Geoffrion, sail#4363

Bitter Ends Shirley Geoffrion

Right Bitter Ends Brenda Bell

Bitter Ends Judy Karr far left

Bitter Ends Penny Washburn, sail # 19192

Bitter Ends Ann Carroll left

Bitter Ends DeDee Connor, sail # 5

Rounding the mark Bitter Ends, Gloria Casey, sail#19175 and I think Bitter Ends Judy Karr, sail#19933 is right behind her

Bitter Ends Miriam Staveley, center and Penny Washburn, right

Bitter Ends Bitter Ends Ann Carroll center going going left while teammates Miriam STaveley and Penny Washburn try to catch up.

Visitor Catamoran passes the mark

Bitter Ends Miriam Satveley and Penny Washburn seem to be headed right for the visitor

Bitter Ends Carolyn Holmes, sail # 6 far left

Bitter Ends DeDee Connor

Bitter Ends Han Hughes at far right

Racing is over. Back on shore Judy Karr starts pack up!

Reloading the trailer.

New Salt Jan Hughes, her first Rainbow!


Bitter Ends relaxing at lunch.

Bitter Ends Ann Carroll, right, wins 1st Place IOD Masters and Overall Individual.

Bitter Ends IOD Team wins 3rd Place, Miriam Staveley, Penny Washburn, Ann Carroll, Judy Karr.

Bitter Ends PRAM Team, DeDee Connor, Sara Evans, Jan Hughes, Caroyln Holmes.

Bitter Ends Sunfish Sailors Brenda Bell and Shirley Geoffrion

Indvidual IOD Sailors, Gloria Casey, Sue Carroll, Sherry Beck

FWSA Photographer Dottie has a Birthday!

Final Packing Up to head home!

Bitter Ends Photographer of most of all these Rainbow pictures, Nancy Marik.


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