May 15, 2014, Bitter Ends Hosts FWSA Annual Meeting at Venice Yacht Club

29 Bitter Ends Attend;
Spirit Award Winner for PRAMS/IOD!

Welcome FWSA!

Special "Thank You" to Dianne Henderson for Coordinating the meal and room with the Yacht Club. Treasurer Judy Collins for receiving reservations and monies.  Nancy Marik for automating the Attendees' Lists, nametags, new voting cards and slide show creation.  Beth Anderson for preparing our club Invitation.  Sylvia Turner and Gloria Casey for planning the table decorations.  All who volunteered the day of the event.  And Captain Miriam for her Support and Leadership.  

Ready to Welcome FWSA:Captain Miriam Staveley and our Registration Staff, Claire MacFayden, Nancy Bradtmiller, Linda Sheppard-Millette, Penny Washburn

Carol Crane sells Bar Tickets

Sylvia Turner sells 50-50 Tickets

Beth Anderson buys a nice Pillow with Signal Flags

Judy Karr is on the FWSA Ships Store Team

Nancy Marik runs a Slide Show of FWSA Clubs


Captain Miriam decorated head table with "Welcome FWSA" done in Signal Flags which she hand made and has donated to FWSA.

Note the Sailboat napkins, a creation by Gloria Casey who folded 90+ of them, but couldn't attend the event.

Claire MacFayden and Lynn Paul

Karen Williams and Wendy Murray

Eve Hill and Karen Williams

Pam Miller, Sara Evans and Vera Taborsky.

Carolyn Holmes, BE Captain for next year, Kathy Tustin, and Judy Karr

Meeting comes to order by FWSA Pres Shirley Rigo, right, with Welcome by our Captain Miriam

Bitter Ends wins Spirit Award for Paticipation in Interclubs, Ann Carroll our Interclub Chair accepts the award.

Our Voting Delagates, Penny Washburn at left who also gave our club Report and Capain Miriam Staveley at right filling in for absent delegates.

Out going FWSA President Shirley Rigo gave out "Thank you" gifts, Ann Carroll recieves one as Board Member for Education.

Ships Store with several helper Bees, including our Judy Karr, 2nd from left.

Bertha Nelson, Mainsheet Mamas, wins the Lilli Kaighin Award presented by Lorri Kaighin at right.

The 2014 Young Woman Sailor Award winner goes to 8th grader Hallie Schiffman. Pictured with her Parents and the YWSA Committee

Serving FWSA in 2014-2015 are Judy Karr, Beth Anderson and Ann Carroll

New FWSA Board for 2014-2015, Note our Ann Carroll, 2nd from left, will serve as Treasurer.

Dessert, Chocolate Mouse with Orchid

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