2014 Home Interclub Makeup April 23rd (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Visitors from the Luffing Lassies of Sarasota and the Windlasses of Dunedin join Bitter Ends racing in PRAMS and IODs.  Lunch at the Venice Yacht Club Tiki Bar followed by awards presented by Interclub Chair Ann Carroll.   Awards were note cards Sylvia Turner had made from water photos on our website.  Cards have a beautiful watercolor look.

Winners: Prams: 1st Dorothy Connor(WL), 2nd Carol Miller(BE), 3rd Karen Williams(BE) IODs: 2nd Gloria Casey(BE), 3rd Dottie Bellefleur(WL)

Although no guests come to race our Sunfishers, there are still awards: Beth Anderson (rt) 1st, Lois Stekete (lt), 2nd and Pam Miller (middle), 3rd.

The day started with Bitter Ends refreshments by Judy Collins, Carol Crane and Nancy Bradtmiller. Pictured are Judy, Wendy Murray and Penny Washburn.

And lunch orders were given to Dianne Henderson.

Captain Miriam has a short meeting and introduces our guests.

At Judy's right are Luffing Lassies of Sarasota, Lisa Ehrhart  and Sandi Szmania.

From the Windlasses of Dunedin are Dorothy Connor and Dottie Bellefleur

Sunfish sailors ready but no guest racers arrive.

Bitter Ends came early to get all the needed boats rigged and ready for our guests arrival.

Happy Winners!


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