2015 Spring Awards Party June 3rd

Spring Awards Party held Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at the Bath Club in Nokomis
Race Classes: IOD (I), SUNFISH (S), PRAMS (P), and

Front row, l-r: Carolyn Holmes (I-1), Beth Anderson (S-1), Nancy Muldoon (P-1),
2nd row, l-r: Gloria Casey (I-2), Janet Molen (S-2), Nancy Bradtmiller (P-2),
Far back: Brenda Bell (S-3), Far right: Karen Williams, Shipmate of the Year!
Winners not pictured were Miriam Staveley (I-3) and Jane Forbush (P-3)
Turtle Awards (Capsizes) go to Anne Chotkowski and Janet Molen and the Whale Award (Perfect Attendance) goes to Nancy Marik.

Anne,              Janet,          Nancy
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Soon to Celebrate her 90th Birthday and still sailing, Jane Forbush was honored in her absence.

Jane could not attend as her husband, Dick Forbush, had just passed away after a long illness.

Bitter Ends offers it's Sympathy to Jane and Family.

Our Hostess at the Bath Club, Penny Washburn!

The BAR is OPEN!

Newspaper display of all the Gondolier pictures and articles published on the Bitter Ends during 2014-2015 season. Produced by Pam Miller, PR

Captain Carolyn Holmes, aka Mad Salty Dog, begins the program with a short business meeting.

Secretary Dianne Henderson gives us the scoop on ordering nametags like PC Mardi Skoegard gave as "Thank You" in 2013.

Beth Anderson, our VYBA Representative, reports on Peter Eduardo's leaving VYBA, and outlined the steps the VYBA board is taking to replace Peter.

After discussions Sue Colunio volunteered to collect money for our going away gift for Peter. She will also get a money clip engraved with our logo.

Outgoing Treasurer Judy Collins reports on our current financial status. In the Black by over $4,000.

Jan Hughes will be our new Treasurer. Jan and Judy are already working on the transition.

Judy Karr reports on the Summer Activity Signup. We still need alot of days covered. So let Judy know ASAP if you can host an avtivity!

Miriam Staveley tells about the opportunity to sail/race Tuesdays evenings on big boats of VSS. Just give her a call if you would like to go out.

Outgoing Captain Carolyn starts her "Thanks yous" with recognizing Penny Washburn for having us at the Bath Club all these years!

Captain Carolyn continues with individual "Thank Yous" to those serving on the board, elected, appointed and for special acts. Ann Carroll, Interclub.

Dianne Henderson, Secretary

Judy Collins, Treasurer

Karen Williams, PRAM/IOD Race Committee Chair

Brenda Bell for Learn to Sail Organizer

Pam Miller, PR and Sunfish Representative

Judy Karr, Boatmaster

Miriam Stveley, REV3 Coordinator and immediate Past Captain

Our Social Director, i.e delicious food at all occassions and Interclub Prize Maker

Nancy Marik, Webmaster and Historian and main club Photograher

Don Marik, Sunfish Race Committee Chair

Kathy Tustin and Judy Karr catch the moment when

Carolyn thanks "Dockmonster" Clarie MacFayden

Carol Crane, PRAM/IOD Committee Boat Helper

Penny Washburn, Bath Club

Judy Clements, Special Thanks for our FWSA Rap Report

Janet Molen, Roster and Sunshine

Beth Anderson, VYBA Representative

Retired Sailor Vera Taborsky keeps the retired sailors in contact through the "Split Ends".

PRAM/IOD Race Chair Karen Williams begins the Racing Award presentations. Third Place PRAM Winner Jane Forbush.

Second Place PRAM Winner Nancy Bradtmiller

First Place PRAM Winner Nancy Muldoon

Third Place IOD Winner Miriam Staveley

Second Place IOD Winner Gloria Casey

First Place IOD Winner Carolyn Holmes

Sunfish Race Committee Chair Don Marik presents the Sunfish Awards

Turtle Award for Anne Chotkowski

Turtle Award for Janet Molen

Perfect Attendance Award for Nancy Marik

Third Place Sunfish Winner, Brenda Bell

Second Place Sunfish Winner, Janet Molen

First Place Sunfish Winner, Beth Anderson

Pam Miller presents Don Marik with a "Thank you" Gift

A very surprised and happy Karen Williams is presented with the Shipmate of the Year Award.

For 2015-2016, l-r: Gloria Casey, Secretary; Anne Chotkowski, LTS Organizer; Jan Hughes, Treasurer; Brenda Bell, Vice Captain; Ann Carroll, Captain.

Passing of the Captain's hat and other helpful props to our new Captain Ann, left.

Thank gift for new Past Captain Carolyn Holmes. Presented by Captain Ann.

Gloria Casey showing her handiwork, a carved rose on a watermelon.

Lynn Paul, left and Judy Collins, right

Janet Molen in her striking outfit with matching sunglassess.

Nancy Marik in her Sailboat-Lighthouse outfit.

Former PRAM/IOD Committeee Boat Helper, Carole Boardman, and retired Sailor Jill Engel

Former active members Garry (PRAM/IOD Race Committee Helper) and Bettine DeLea (Boatmaster for years and years),


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