2015 FWSA Meeting, May21, Davis Island

13 Bitter Ends attend and look striking in our new Scarves.
Front left to front right: Claire MacFayden, Ann Carroll, Judy Karr, Penny Washburn, Miriam Staveley, Dianne Henderson, Brenda Bell, Captain Carolyn Holmes, Nancy Muldoon, Beth Anderson, Sylvia Turner, Sue Colunio, Nancy Marik
May 21, 2015, FWSA Meeting held at Davis Island, 13 Bitter Ends Attend
Bitter Ends wins Perpetual Spirit Awards for PRAMS/IOD and SUNFISH.

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The lovely Gloria Casey arranged for our Bitter Ends Scarves. Don't have one, contact Gloria!

Ann Carroll returns the Perpetual Trohpies, for Bitter Ends PRAM/IOD Spirit Award, 2013-2014, and the Lucas Cup for her 2014 win.

Claire MacFayden and Miriam Staveley model how well our scarfs go with yellow.

Sylvia Turner and Nancy Marik show how well they go with red and white.

The meeting starts with a Musical performance by the FWSA Officers. Note Bitter Ends Ann Carroll and Beth Anderson far right above and below photos.

First Delegate Miraim Staveley gives the Bitter Ends quarterly Report. Note 13 Bittter Ends attended the FWSA May Meeting.

Our Delegates Penny Washburn and Miriam Staveley vote to accept the miniutes of the last meeting in January.

The FWSA Lilly Kaighin Award went to Sandie Ramsden of the Clearwater Bow Chasers. Could be present.

Bitter Ends Ann Carroll is the FWSA Treasuer. Ann gives her report and also recieved a "Thank You" gift from outgoing President Del Palmer.

Bitter Ends Beth Anderson is FWSA Education Officer.

Bitter Ends Captain Caroyln and Interclub Chair Ann Carroll accept the PRAM/IOD Spirit Award for another year!

FWSA 2014-2015 Interclub Chair Carroll McClean prsents Bitter Ends' Captain Caroyln the SUNFISH Spirit Award.

This year's Young Woman Sailor of the Year goes to Rebekah Schiff nominated by the Mainsheet Mamas.

New Rules at RAINBOW in St Petersburg next year, due to the many problems caused by bad weather at 2011 Rainbow. Flowtation required on all PRAMS/IODs

Bitter Ends Captian Carolyn Holmes, note foreground is one of the centerpieces, this one featured our club.

FWSA's new Officers: Ex Officio Del Palmer, continuingTreasurer Ann Carroll, new Vice President Dorothy Connor, and new President Carroll McClain.

Back in Venice Interclub Chair/IOD Sailor Ann Carroll holds PRAM/IOD Spirit Award and SUNFISH Rep Pam Miller holds the SUNFISH Spirit Award.


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