2015 VYBA Venetian Cup Regatta, April 25

Bitter Ends Volunteers and Races in VYBA Venetian Cup Regatta
Forward to back, left to right: Beth Anderson, Ann Carroll, Karen Williams, Brenda Bell, Lisa Zenow, Pam Miller, Nancy Marik, Dianne Henderson

Happy Sailors Nancy, Ann, Beth, Pam,
who brave the 4 foot waves to sail in the Gulf!
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Perpetual Regatta Trophies kept at the Yacht Club.

In the Gulf our Bitter Ends Racers are Nancy, Ann, Pam, Beth. Karen Williams was RC for the Sunfish/IOD Fleets and took water photos.

Pam Miller

Ann Carroll

Beth Anderson in fron, Pam in background.

Nancy Marik

Back on shore, Beth wins one of the Raffles.

Beth wins 1st Place Sunfish, presented by John of VYBA.

Pam Miller wins 2nd Place Sunfish

Ann Carroll takes Third Place Sunfish


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