2015 RAINBOW REGATTA, April 21, Davis Island

Davis Island Yacht Club Aerial View
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2015 Rainbow Regatta Article
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Arriving the day before, racers unloaded the boats for an early start on Tuesday, Rainbow Regatta Day.

Most Bitter Ends racers came up the day before. Left are six of the Sunfish racers, Sue, another club racer, Nancy, Pam, Janet, Brenda, Shirley.

The four Bitter Ends IOD Racers, Captain Carolyn, Gloria, Ann, Judy. Note the large Cruise Ship in the background of both photos.

Shortly after the group pics above this horrendous rain storm swept through the Davis Island/Tampa area.

The Hydye Park Hotel in Tampa where we stayed overnight.

After a filling dinner nearby we aheaded to Ann and Judy's room for fun and games, drink and "Dancing with the Stars"!

Nancy and Janet get an early start at rigging on Tuesday morning.

Helpers Dianne, Helen, and new Salt Lisa arrive early after a long drive up from Venice. Help with rigging, hauling, finding gear, launching.

Beth drove up Tuesday morning as her husband Bob was celebrating a milestione birthday on Rainbow Day.

Sue had some extra special help as her daughter and Grankids were able to stop by before school.

Rigging almost done sailors and helpers relax for a few monments. Helen, Shirley, Lynn with camera, Sue and Pam.

Brenda, using Pam's SUV, towed the trailer holding most of our boats. We left Pam's SUV at there overnight holding our sailing gear and blades.

Helper Sara also took alot of pictures, trying out Nancy's zoom camera.

Shirley's lower spar lost it's mainsheet block during unloading. Helpers found it. Sarasota's Luffing Lassies, Linda Schwartz and Ursala Olson -->

came to the rescue, re-drilling holes on the spar and putting new rivets in place.

Meanwhile at the other end of the Yacht Club, IOD Sailors were rigging their boats. Helper Penny brings over a sail from the trailer hold.

Racer Judy by her boat.

Racer Ann checking her sail.

Helpers Sherry and Carol discuss what to do next.

IODs/PRAMS ready to launch after the Captian's Meeting.

Helpers really make a difference at launch time!

Light winds, however PRAMS/IODs did get a race completed. One race constitutes a Regatta!

Light winds, however the Sunfish RC never started a race. Winds would pickup and die off before RC was ready.

Photo Boat included a spot for our Bitter Ends Sara Evans, center in light blue shirt.

Just before 1 PM the Sunfish RC put out the Abandonment Flag and we started the slow sail back to Davis Island.

Lunch, door prizes (many of us won a planter with plant), and awards. Brenda and three of our helpers: Lynn, Carol, new Salt Lisa

Pam Miller wins Fourth Place Sunfish Award for answering/coming closest to when was the First Yatching Race, 1896.

Loading the last of the Sunfish on the big trailer. Pictured are the seven Sunfish racers and many of the helpers.


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