2015 Winter Race Series (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

 2015 Winter Race Series
March 18, 2015

 Complete List of Winners

Winners left to right, front to back:
IOD 1st Column
Ann Carroll, Gloria Casey, Jan Hughes
PRAM 2nd Column
Lynn Paul, DeDee Connor, Nancy Muldoon
"New Salt" 3rd Column
Lisa Marcotte (
NP*), Nina Rossman (NP*),
Judy Macklin
SUNFISH 4th Column
Janet Molen, Shirley Geoffrion, Lois Steketee

*NP = Not Pictured

PRAM/IOD Race Chair Karen Williams begins presenting the Winter Series Awards

One IOD Sailor had 100% Attendance, Ann Carroll

3rd Place "New Salts" Winner Judy Macklin. 1st Pace, Lisa Marcotte and 2nd Place, Nina Rossman were unabled to attend the Awards Ceremony

Nancy Muldoon wins 3rd Place PRAM Fleet

2nd Place PRAM Fleet win goes to DeDee Connor

1st Place PRAM Fleet Winner is Lynn Paul

Happy 3rd Place IOD Fleet Winner Jan Hughes

Gloria Casey wins 2nd Place IOD Fleet

1st Place IOD Fleet Winner is Ann Carroll

Don Marik, SUNFISH Race Chair, presents the SUNFISH Awards

3rd Place Sunfish Winner Lois Steketee

Shirley Geoffrion 2nd Place Sunfish Winner

SUNFISH 1st Place Winner Janet Molen

SUNFISH Capsize (Turtle) Winners: Shirley Geoffrion, from the 2014 Spring Series, Nancy Marik and Janet Molen both from the Winter 2015 Series.

Perfect Attendance SUNFISH, Shirley Geoffrion, Janet Molen, Nancy Marik

Big day for Lynn Paul winning both 1st Place PRAM Winter Race Series and 1st Place PRAM in the 2015 Denis Hill Memorial Regatta

Big day for Janet Molen winning both 1st Place SUNFISH Winter Race Series & 1st Place SUNFISH in the 2015 Denis Hill Memorial Regatta, + Whale &Turtle

Big day for Ann Carroll winning both 1st Place IOD Winter Race Series and 1st Place IOD in the 2015 Denis Hill Memorial Regatta, also Whale Award.


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