2015 Denis Hill Memorial Regatta (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

 Denis Hill
2015 Memorial Regatta
March 18, 2015

Water Photos!

Denis' Widow, Eve Hill (left),
presented the Trophies to Winners,
Lynn Paul (next to Eve), PRAM;  
Ann Carroll (middle), IOD;
Janet Molen (right), SUNFISH

Eve Hill introduces her late husband, Denis.

Lunch at Highel Park after the Regatta.

Sherry Beck, Jane Forbush, in background DeDee Connor and Jan Huges, and Gloria Casey at right

Captain Carolyn Holmes kicks off the Awards Ceremonies.

Brenda Bell, left, behind her retired sailors, Bettine and Garry DeLea, and Sara Yunker at right, background mostly Sunfish Sailors.

Denis stories included one where he introduced this couple, Vera's son Larry and Any.

These lovely ladies sat at the sweetest table in the company of Sylvia's Strawberry Dessert Delights.

Nancy Bradtmiller and Sue Carroll enjoying the fun. New Salt Judy Macklin at far right.

A smiling Helen Gokbudak

Judy Collins, last year's PRAM Trophy Winner, Jane Forbush and Gloria Casey

Eve Hill gets ready to present the Trophies!

Waiting for the winning announcements

No Trophy didn't dampen Lois Steketee's excitement in winning SUNFISH 3rd Place.

2nd Place SUNFISH goes to Shirley Geoffrion

Janet Molen wins SUNFISH 1st Place, Eve presents her Trophy.

Eve poses with Denis and SUNFISH 1st Place Winner Janet Molen.

Gloria Casey wins IOD 3rd Place

Carolyn Holmes takes IOD 2nd Place

The Trophy Winner for IOD, 1st Place Ann Carroll

No Trophies for 2nd and 3rd Place. Nevertheless a Happy 3rd Place Winner Karen Williams

At 2nd Place Carol Miller didn't mind either!

PRAM 1st Place Winner Lynn Paul receivces her Trophy.

PRAM Winner Lynn Paul, left, with Eve Hill at right.

PRAM Winner Lynn Paul shows off her Trophy.

Strawberry desserts by Sylvia even in her absence!


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