2014 Home Interclub November 5th (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Visitors from Clearwater, the Bow Chasers (BC), Tampa, the Mainsheet Mamas (MM), and Dunedin, the Windlasses (WL) joined us, the Bitter Ends (BE), to compete in PRAM and IOD classes.  After the races and  cleanup our visitors and many Bitter Ends enjoyed a pre-ordered lunch at the Tiki Bar at the Venice Yacht Club.  Interclub Chair Ann Carroll presented 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Awards for PRAMS and IODs.  Since no guests came for SUNFISH, our local gals were recognized for 1st and 2nd Place.  Prizes were note card sets which Sylvia Turner has had made from sailing photos.
Our Competitors representing 4 FWSA Clubs!

Front row: MM Carroll McClain, BE Nancy Muldoon, BE Miriam Staveley, Center Interclub Club Ann Carroll, Back row: MM Julie Sargent, BC Dorothy Connor, WL Janet Schellenberger, WL Dottie Bellefeur, BC Lucille Gray, BE Judy Collins, BE Jan Hughes

PRAMS: 1st Bitter Ends (Venice) Nancy Muldoon,
2nd Bitter Ends (Venice) Judy Collins,
3rd Mainsheet Mamas (Tampa) Carroll McClain
IODs: 1st Mainsheet Mamas (Tampa) Julie Sargent,
2nd Bitter Ends (Venice) Miriam Staveley,
3rd Bitter Ends (Venice) Jan Hughes
Sunfish, no guests, Bitter Ends only: 1st Beth Anderson,
2nd Janet Molen.
Note 3rd place was not recognized.

Pictured Winners, front row left to right: Jan Hughes (BE, IOD, 3rd), Janet Molen (BE, Sunfish, 2nd), Beth Anderson (BE, Sunfish, 1st), Nancy Muldoon (BE, PRAMS, 1st), back row left to right: Julie Sargent (MM, IOD, 1st), Carroll McClain (MM, PRAMS, 3rd


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