2013 Spring Series Race Awards (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

The 2013 Spring Race Series Winners!

  PRAMS 2nd Flight PRAMS 1st Flight IODs SUNFISH
1st, front row Nancy Bradtmiller Wendy Murray Ann Carroll Janet Molen
2nd, 2nd row Helen Gokbudak Miriam Staveley Judy Karr Lois Steketee
3rd, 3rd row Claire MacFayden n/a Carolyn Holmes Pam Miller

Shipmate Award:  Carol Crane

Attendance Award, participated in every race:  Wendy Murray, Miriam Staveley,
Ann Carroll, Carolyn Holmes, Judy Karr, Pam Miller, Beth Anderson.

Turtle Award:  Janet Molen, Pam Miller, Lois Steketee

Mermaid (new wet) Award:  Carolyn Holmes



1st Flight PRAM Winners: 1st Place Wendy Murray (left); 2nd Place Miriam Staveley. No 3rd Place qualifiers.

2nd Flight PRAM Winners (l-r): 1st Place Nancy Bradtmiller; 2nd Place Helen Gokbudak; 3rd Place Claire MacFayden.

IOD Winners (r-l): 1st Place Ann Carroll; 2nd Place Judy Karr; 3rd Place Carolyn Holmes.

SUNFISH Winners: 1st Place Janet Molen (left); 2nd Place: Lois Steketee (right); 3rd Place Pam Miller (center).

Shipmate Award goes to Carol Crane (left) presented by Captain Mardi Skoegard (right).

Perfect Attendance, i.e. participated in every race (l-r): Miriam, Wendy, Caroyln, Judy, Ann.

Turtles (l-r): Sunfishers Pam, Lois, Janet. Note these same sailors won 3rd, 2nd, and 1st.

New Mermaid Award goes to Carolyn Holmes for falling off the dock!

Sunfishers join Interclub chair Ann Carroll in celebration of winning the FWSA Sunfish Spirit Award for Interclub participation.

Captain Miriam Staveley takes over the helm from Captain Mardi Skoegard.

New Captain Miriam presents outgoing Captain Mardi a "Thank You Gift Clock".

Gloria Casey (left) arranges for Bitter Ends to donate a Goat on a mission trip. Named "Little Bitty", and Judy Clements (right) wrote "Our "Song".


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