2013 FWSA Championship Regatta, May 9th at Sarasota Sailing Squadron  (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

FWSA Champianship Regatta 420's Winners 
Ursula, Linda, Judy, Ann, Beth and Miriam Photo by Nancy Marik
J22 1st Place Winners Luffing LassiesJ22 2nd Place Winners Salty Sisters
1st Place J22's Luffing Lassies                   2nd Place Salty Sisters
420 Fleet
8 boats, representing Bitter Ends,
Dinghy Dames, Luffing Lassies, Salty Sisters

1 abandoned race in the morning;
3 completed races in the afternoon, 420's Results:
Spinnaker class in J22s
2 boats, representing Luffing Lassies and Salty Sisters
1 race abandoned in the morning
2 races completed in the afternoon
1st Luffing Lassies
Skipper Ursula Olson
Crew Linda Schwartz
2nd Bitter Ends
Skipper Ann Carroll
Crew Judy Karr
3rd Bitter Ends
Skipper Beth Anderson
Crew Miriam Staveley
J22 Results:
1st Luffing Lassies
2nd Salty Sisters

Rigging started at Sunrise in Sarasota!

Synchronizing watches at the Captain's Meeting. At right the Regatta Competitors, both 420's and J22's.

Rigged and Ready! At left Miriam and Beth at right Ann and Judy.

Nancy Marik, 2nd from the left, spend the day photographing the event from Larry's sailboat along with Brigett Smith and Gloria Davis.

Beth Anderson (S) with the red hat and Miriam Staveley (C) with sail # 1

Ann Carroll (S) with the blue hat and Judy Karr (C) in boat "11" with sail # "11".

No Wind! All morning races are Abandoned. Note Peter from VYBA waving the Abandonment Flag!

Everybody gets towed!

Bitter Ends brought and served lunch. Carol Crane, Sylvia Turner, Helen Gokbudak, and Carole Boardman.

Sylvia Turner holds one of the 18 hand painted prizes she made for the Regatta.

Sylvia Turner, taking Mardi's place, joins Nancy Marik on the sailboat to view the races.

After lunch back out. Wind is up and 420's get in 3 races and J22's get in 2 races!

An overjoyed Beth Anderson hears the announcement that she and Miriam Staveley won 3rd Place.

Equally excited are Ann Carroll and Judy Karr winning 2nd Place.

Our Bitter Ends' Winners: Judy Karr and Ann Carroll, 2nd Place; and Beth Anderson and Miriam Staveley, 3rd Place

Luffing Lassies 1st Place Ursula Olson and Linda Schwartz

All the 420's Winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd left to right: Ursula, Linda, Judy, Ann, Beth, Miriam.

Bitter Ends Teams with their Coach Peter of VYBA.

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