2013 Halloween Sail to Snake Island (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Halloween Contest Winners:

1st Place Gloria Casey's
"50 Shades of Gray" (center);

Left 2nd Place, Beth Anderson
is a beautiful Mermaid;
Right 3rd Place,
Shirley Geoffrion as a clown.

The Venice Women's Sailing Squadron
donned their Halloween costumes for a fun
sail from Higel Park over to Snake Island
for a picnic and surprise visit by
"Redbeard the Pirate". 

The lovely pirate Captain Miriam Staveley at left.

Interclub chair Ann Carroll at far right.

The "Mad Salty Dog", Carolyn Holmes at left keeps the Devil at bay, played by Judy Karr.

"Salty Crew" gathers for Snake Island Sail. Dianne Henderson and Vera Taborsky at left. In bkgd prisoner escapee Sylvia T., Nancy B. and Mardi S.

Could that be Groucho Marx? Played by Janet Molen.

Sylvia Turner with Pirates Carol Miller, Dianne Henderson, Mardi Skoegard, Wendy Murray and Capt. Miriam Staveley.

Sexy Model Jean Ozimek, Prisoner Sylvia Turner, Gloria Casey, Pam Miller as the "Towel Gal", and Beth Anderson.

The Same Sexy Gals with addition of Ann Carroll.

Bitter Ends assortment of Halloween Horrors: Janet - Claire MacFayden, new salts Linda Millete & Jan Hughes- Sherry - Brenda Bell - Shirley Geoffrion.

Back row - Judy Collins, Nancy B., ?, Sylvia, new salts Susan Juarank & Kathryn Heywood, Judy Karr, Penny. Front row- ??, Nancy Muldoon, Carolyn H.

Redbeard the Pirate and his wench arrive at Snake Island on Sleepy Bear.


Pirate Redbeard is played by Bob Bethke, Beth Anderson's husband.


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