2012 Winter/Spring Racing Series Awards Party (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)


SUNFISH  (Front to back, far right)

1st place - Beth Anderson

2nd place - Lois Steketee

3rd place - Janet Molen



First Flight  (Front to back, 2nd from left)

       1st place - Wendy Murray

2nd place - Judy Collins 

3rd place - Miriam Staveley


Second Flight (Front to back, far left)

       1st place- - Nancy Bradtmiller (not pictured)

2nd place - Carolyn Holmes

3rd place - Helen Gokbudak


IODs   (Front to back, 2nd from right)     

        1st place  - Ann Carroll

        2nd place - Judy Karr

 3rd place - Penny Washburn


Attendance Award, participated in every race day:

Wendy Murray and Miriam Staveley                       


Shipmate award:  Ann Carroll

Winter-Spring Race Series Winners
   2nd Flight,     1st Flight,    IODs,         Sunfish

Penny Washburn hosts our Awards Party.

Greeting everyone is the Beautiful Bitter Ends Quit by Miriam Staveley.

Captain Helen & Beth call Marguerite (Oldest Past Sailor, retiring at 92). We take turns saying "Hello"!

Appetizers tempt us all. Counter clockwise, Nancy Muldoon, Lois Steketee, and Judy Clements.

Karen Williams, Race Chair, thanks Race boat Helpers, Garry DeLea for PRAMS and Don Marik and Steve Lexow for Sunfish.

Special Thank you for Race Boat PRAM Helper Carole Boardman.

Perfect attendance, Whale awards, go to Miriam Staveley and Wendy Murray.

Winner 1st Flight Wendy Murray

Judy Collins wins 2nd in 1st Flight

Carolyn Holmes, Mad Salty Dog, wins 2nd in 2nd Flight PRAMS.

Ann Carroll, left, wins 1st in IOD class and earned Shipmate of the Year Award (presented earlier).

Judy Karr, right, wins 2nd in IOD class.

Penny Washburn wins 3rd in IOD class.

Beth Anderson wins 1st in Sunfish class.

Lois Steketee wins 2nd in Sunfish class.

Janet Molen wins 3rd in Sunfish class.

Don Marik, Sunfish Race Committee, produces Sunfish Race Statistics.

Captain Helen recaps the 2011-2012 season in words at left.

Webmaster Nancy Marik recaps the 2011-2012 season in a Photo Book.

Judy Karr earns the Lily Kaighin Nominee Award

Captain Helen gets out her suitcase of "Thank yous"

Captain Helen gleefully delivers Special Thank Yous!

Ethel VanDam retires as Historian after many years.

Helen is positively giddy as she spends last few minutes as Captain. Her gifts are hand made unique braclets or key chains and Bitter Ends notepads.

At left, Webmaster and new Historian Nancy Marik.

Captain Helen passes on the Captains Hat to new Captain Mardi Skoegard.

New Captain Mardi Skoegard honors retiring Captain Helen with Photo Collage (made by Beth Anderson) and Engraved Clock.

Judy Karr gives Treasurer's Report.

Brenda Bell, 2012 Learn to Sail Organizer, comments.

Previous Organizer Judy Karr suggests date change to 2012 Learn to Sail. After discussion a vote passes change to week of Oct. 8, 2012

Food, Food, Food!

Desserts look especially sweet and chocolatey the year!

New Captain Mardi at right gets the scoop on being Captain by retiring Captain Helen!


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