2012 Holiday Party and Fall Race Awards (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Santa Sail, December 19, 2012

Holiday Party and Fall Race Awards, December 12, 2012

Captain Mardi Skoegard welcomes the group to her beautiful new home.

Sunfish Race Chair, Don Marik and PRAM & IOD Race Chair Karen Williams, get ready to announce the Winners!

Big day for Judy Karr and Nancy Marik honored with Perfect Attendance "Whale" Awards.

PRAMS Flight A Winners: 1st - Wendy Murray,

2nd - Nancy Muldoon,

3rd - Miriam Staveley

PRAMS Flight B Winner, 1st place - Nancy Bradtmiller

IOD Winners: 1st - Judy Karr,

2nd - Ann Carroll,

3rd - Penny Washburn

Surprized by her win Judy Karr gives 2nd place Ann Carroll a consolation hug.

Kathy Tustin wins 1st Place for New Sailors.

Sunfish Winners: 1st - Beth Anderson,

2nd - Nancy Marik,

3rd - Lisa Meacock

Sunfish honorable mention to Pam Miller who although 4th place was the only other Sunfish sailor to qualify for awards (paticipation 2/3 of all races)

So many Sunfish sailors capsized this series. Pictured are those who stayed dry. Jean Ozimek, Brenda Bell, Lisa Meacock and Beth Anderson.

Captain Mardi presents collected donation for SPARCC, $500, to volunteer Janet Turow.

Janet Turow from SPARCC at left receives Bettine DeLea's (at right) two hand knitted sweaters, she made for SPARCC children.

Garry DeLea donated a large sack of new Stuffed animals he collected for children in SPARCC's care.

Vera Taborsky catches the spirit of the occassion with Santa socks and cap!

Looking at the new Scrap Book for 2012-2013 Season (by Historian Nancy Marik)

Sylvia Turner gives out the numbers for picking the White Elephant Gifts.


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