October 31, 2012, Halloween Sail to SNAKE ISLAND
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    We rigged the Pirate ships for a sail to Snake Island @ 8:30 AM.  Everyone looked great in their Pirate finery and Halloween costumes.  The costume contest judges picked Nancy Marik for 1st place for her black cat costume and realistic "meow".  Gloria Casey took 2nd place for her "sunken chest" interpretive costume and Carol Crane won 3rd place for her Pirate costume and bad dental work.  There were some other wonderful costumes....see website for the pictures and pictures of the capture of Snake Island when Nancy Marik gets them up.
     We held a brief meeting before the capture of Snake Island.  First topic was a discussion of tactics to sail to and capture the Island.  Beth Anderson planned a really fun time for everyone. Thanks so much Beth!  Also Bob, her husband was integral to the success of the mission....he brought us treats and Barbara Murphy helped too.  Also, thanks to Peter Eduardo for running the  other boat and making sure we didn't get too dastardly.  He also helped us old pirates get back in the water after a fun picnic lunch.

    After a successful capture of Snake Island (Oh what fun it was!  Beautiful weather and just enough wind) we returned to port to clean the boats and then we attended  a desert party/meeting.  Thank you Good Witch, Helen Gokbudak, for bringing tasty apple cider and sinful cupcakes for this meeting.
    Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Holmes, MSD Secretary     Read Entire Report!

                            Pictures submitted by Nancy Marik and Beth Anderson

The Motley Crew!

Our judges which included the Devil (Shirley Geoffrion), Lois Steketee and Karen Williams

WINNERS: Center, 1st, Black Cat, Nancy Marik, left, 2nd Pirate with Treasure Chest, Gloria Casey, and right, 3rd a Very Tough Pirate, Carol Crane.

Winners proceded to sample their winnings (Booze and Candy).

Captain Mardi starts the meeting and turns it over to planner Booty Beth to explain our Adventure.

I am the Booty: Not All Treasure is Sliver and Gold!

Sword in hand Booty Beth details our pillaging of Snake Island.

Pirates steal an IOD.

Groucho (Janet Molen) stands by and tells a Joke.

Pirate Judy Karr is planning her next move.

Prams, IODs and Sunfish beach at Snake Island for the Pillaging!

Sunfish - Hobie - Pram - IOD

Red Beard (Beth's husband Bob).

ARRR! Barbara Murphy, former member, arrives with Red Beard.

Brenda Bell enjoys a Pirate Snack of Peanut Butter!


Pirate Judy Karr has gone Lethal!

Pirate Barb Murphy and Slyvia Turner

Pirate Lynn Paul comments on the Fine Ale!

Black Cat Nancy Marik licks her paws in front of her boat!

ARRR! Penny Washburn

Pirate Barb at helm of Red Beard's Pirate Ship

Hungry Pirates, Karen Williams, Wendy Murray, Carol Miller and Miriam Staveley.

Pirate Lynn Paul and sailing Instructor Peter Eduardo enjoy a "Hearty" Laugh!

Pirate Miriam Staveley sicks her pet Octopus on the Devil, Shirley. Karen Williams lends a Hand.

Pirate Brenda Bell heads back in her Hobie Sail Kayak.


Pirate Wendy Murray shows off her Boobs!

Pillaging for Treasure!

Treasurer Judy Karr demands your Treasure!

Red Beard (Bob, Beth's husband) and his Wench Booty Beth


Sara Evans watches the Pillaging!

Sailing back are Nancy Bradmiller and Vera Taborsky.

Pirate PRAMS heading home!

Good Witch, Helen Gokbudak, brings Apple Cider and Halloween Cupcakes to the after party meeting!


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