September 18, 2012 - Twelve Bitter Ends Attend FWSA Meeting
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Click for larger image of FWSA 12  Departing at sunrise and encountering rain 12 Bitter Ends went up in 3 cars to the FWSA September Meeting held at the Tampa Bay Yacht and Country Club.  First delegate Helen Gokbudak gave our Bitter Ends report.  The new FWSA directories were available.  The business meeting was short with mostly small changes to the bylaws on which our  delegates Helen and Penny voted.  The speaker, Bev Dolezal, spoke about the evils of skin cancer and her personal fight with it.  Determined not to be cut off from outdoor activities she started wearing "Coolibar" sun protective clothing.  Today Bev has a business selling the life saving clothing, "Bahama Bev's'.  Volunteers modeled some of the highlights of the Coolibar styles.  Lunch was served next and it definitely resembled a Sunfish and Pram.  A Luffing Lassie won the 50-50, a $252 prize, now called Meeting Donations to keep the the IRS happy.  All in all it was a nice day in spite the continued rain and thunder we heard most of the day.
12 Bitter Ends attend, left to right front row seated, Nancy Bradtmiller, Ethel VanDam, Karen Williams, Helen Gokbudak, standing Nancy Marik, Judy Karr, Brenda Bell, Mardi Skoegard (Captain), Sylvia Turner, Beth Anderson, back Penny Washburn and Miriam Staveley.

        Pictures by Nancy Marik!


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