2012-2013 Fall Regatta, "Women at the Helm" (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

     Captain Mardi Skoegard called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM.  Many boats were already rigged for the 5th annual Women at the Helm Regatta. 
     Karen (PRAMS and IODS) and Don (SUNFISH) started the Skipper's Meetings at 9:30 and then we went out to very windy seas.  There were 5 Sunfish sailing and 11 prams and IODs for the regatta. 
     At 12:30, after running 3 races in each class, we met at the Crow's Nest for a nice luncheon and awards ceremony.  The winners were Lois Steketee in Sunfish class, Ann Carroll in IOD class and Wendy Murray in prams.  Congratulations to them for their great performances.
Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Holmes, MSD

Pictures by Beth Anderson, Carol Miller and Nancy Marik

"Women at the Helm" Fall Regatta
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