August 29, 2012 - 2012-2013 Season Kickoff Meeting held at Judy Karr's Home

The Bitter Ends kicked off the 2012-2013 sailing season with a pot luck brunch and organizational meeting at Judy Karr's home.  Judy's home is totally amazing and she is a great hostess - it's hard to believe that she just got back from vacation yesterday and was ready to have 30 people in her home today.  Thanks Judy!  Also, thanks Bitter Ends for the best food ever....not kidding here....awesome brunch!
After a pleasant half hour of milling about and chatting, new Captain Mardi Skoegard opened the meeting at 11:00 AM.  The first order of business was about our volunteer (paid) jobs as water marshals and helpers at the Rev 3 triathlon on Sunday, October 28th, 2012.  Miriam Stavely, Vice Captain, is in charge of this venture and has done a great job of recruiting 20 volunteers for the water marshal positions (in kayaks) and also 5 people to work as land volunteers.  She would welcome anyone else who wants to take part in this enterprise....the $ will go to updating the fleet.  If you have a friend/relative who would like to help please let Miriam know - they could count for the club and we would get more $!  Miriam's phone number is 488-9201.  There will be practices on the Gulf and she has a sign-up sheet which says which day is convenient for various club members.  Club members should practice to get the feel of kayaking in the Gulf and also practice up-righting their kayaks.
This is an important responsibility. Venice may be host to "Iron Man"  types of triathlons in the future, so we may become the "experts" in water marshaling!  By the way...water marshals are not medics....we will be the "eyes and ears" for the professional life savers.  More details on this later.
Captain Mardi invited all to come to the FWSA (Florida Women's Sailing Association) meeting on September 18th, a Tuesday.  The meeting will be held at the Tampa Yacht Club and there will be a program on fashionable sailing wear and there will also be excellent food.  The cost for the luncheon is $22.  Please get a check payable to VWSS to Judy Karr, 224 Gulf Drive, Venice, Florida 34285 by Sept. 6th.  We are hoping for a good turn-out for this.
Sylvia Turner thanked everyone for their donations made to Meals on Wheels to celebrate her birthday.  She spoke of what a good organization it is and mentioned that they need volunteers.
Ann Carroll said that we have already been invited to an interclub sail on Tues. February 12th.
Brenda Bell, new Learn to Sail coordinator, thanked Judy Carr for leaving the program so very organized.  Brenda appears to have this massive project under control.  She had many club members volunteer today and will let us know later in an email who is signed up and when they should be at the club.  Anyone who is out of town, but will be back in Venice by Monday October 8th, may want to volunteer also.  Brenda's number is 441-7771.  Volunteers, please remember to wear your name tags when around the Learn to Sail members.  Brenda said that there will be 6 members in the class and that they will be instructed on the IODs.  Thanks Brenda for tackling this enormous project!!  And many thanks to all who are volunteering!!
Judy Karr started a discussion about the condition of the boats and asked if we should sail in 2 shifts to accommodate the expected load on the IOD rental boats. There was much discussion on this with many thinking this will get in the way of the camaraderie of the club and also be hard to manage.  There is also a group who believe the prams are so old and decrepit that it may be time to put club money towards new (or used) IODs.  Some members said they would work on the rental prams and even volunteered to bring in their power tools to get the job done.  Captain Mardi said it looks like a matter of how many are sailing and how many boats are available (right now there are 5 IOD rentals available).  We will be thinking about this, but nothing was decided today.
We talked about Bettine DeLea having exploratory arthroscopy on her knee today and we are hoping for the best possible outcome for her.
Captain Mardi reminded club members that next Wednesday, Sept. 5th is the pram shed clean-up day.  We will also be checking on the condition of the boats.  Don't forget to bring your cleaning supplies (brooms, vacs, gloves, etc.)  Captain Mardi adjourned the meeting at 12:25 PM as members were ravenous!

Respectfully submitted,  Carolyn Holmes, MSD, Secretary

   Pictures by Nancy Marik!     (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Lots of great looking food appears on the serving table as Bitter Ends arrive!

Captain Mardi starts the meeting!

Our Hostess Judy Karr!

Vice Captain Miriam explains about our "water marshall" duties in the Triathlon coming up Oct. 28.

Judy's dog's Alfie and Ripley patiently waited for their chance to sample the goodies!

Ann Carroll has already began interclub planning for the year!


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