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Winter/Spring 2011 Awards Party Highlights (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Winners and Honorees

The Bitter Ends out did themselves again with a wonderful Brunch and Awards party.  Ex Captain, Penny Washburn, graciously hosted us at the Bath Club on Casey Key. The venue was beautiful, not too hot and filled to the gills with all kind of great food. We have some talented cooks. Oh yes, the liquid refreshments were quite tasty too.
After mingling and saying our goodbyes to all who are lucky to be going on trips and visiting the cooler climates, outgoing Captain Wendy Murray started the "business" part of our gathering. The first order of business was "Happy Birthday" to June birthday ladies Beth Anderson, Gloria Casey, Jane Forbush, Carolyn Holmes and Jean Ozimek. The singing was as melodious as ever.
Captain Wendy handed the presentation of racing awards duties over to Karen Williams, our Race Captain. Karen thanked Garry DeLea and Dan Hawryschuk for all the help they have given on the race committee boats. The "Whale" awards were won by Judy Karr, Miriam Stavely and Wendy Murray. The "Whale" awards refer to their perfect attendance during spring racing season.....not any weight gain! Carolyn Holmes won the coveted "Turtle" award for capsizing.
Awards for IODs were: 1. Ann Carroll 2. Lynn Paul 3. Carolyn Holmes. The Clearwater pram awards were as follows: 2nd flight: 1. Brenda Bell 2. Nancy Bradtmiller 3. Sara Evans 1st flight: 1. Wendy Murray 2. Miriam Staveley 3. Nancy Muldoon. Dan Hawryschuk gave us an explanation of the scoring system used for the Sunfish class....and the winners were: 1. Judy Karr 2. Beth Anderson. Congratulations to all sailors.

We discussed "Rainbow" and were treated to Lisa Meacock's very amusing tale involving wind, waves, rescues, blokes and knickers. Captain Wendy presented her with an outstanding pair of thong knickers to wear at next years Rainbow!

Next up, Captain Wendy recapped her year at the helm. Busy it was. She has written a lovely year end report. If you forgot what happened be sure to check this document. She also mentioned the "Shipmate of the Year" award that went to Nancy Marik. Captain Wendy read Karen William's nomination for the Lily Kaighin award. Karen has been giving of her time and energy selflessly for 23 years.

Wendy honored Vera Taborsky for unselfishness in not racing the winter and spring series and helping with the committee boat. She presented Vera with a plant. BTW.... Vera looked beautiful. Captain Wendy said her tenure was "rewarding, fast and flowed along with the help of the club officers". She gave notes and gifts to Helen Gokbudak, Carolyn Holmes, Judy Karr, Karen Williams, Lynn Paul Ethel VanDam, Mardi Skoegard, Carole Boardman, Sylvia Turner, Bettine DeLea, Vera Taborsky , Carol Miller, Nancy Marik and Karen Williams. Captain Wendy also gave special mention to past Captain Penny Washburn who worked so graciously as Chairman, on the 35th Anniversary Party through a very trying personal time for her. Hope I didn't leave anyone out. Captain Wendy Murray passed the Captain's hat to Helen Gokbudak. Captain Helen presented past Captain Wendy Murray with a glass plaque commemorating her tenure as Captain. Mardi Skoegard will serve as Vice Captain next year. Party adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Holmes, MadSaltyDog, Secretary

Pictures by Judy Karr


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