Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


2011 Holiday Party (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Ahoy Mates,  The Holiday Brunch was fantastic with 43 attending at Vera's lovely home.  We presented Susan Erhart of SPARCC our $700 donation check.  Sensational Gifts/Re-Gifts now include 2 rubber chickens, an Owl that looked to be about 3 ft. high-I think pottery?, the coconut bra/grass skirt outfit modeled with Judy Collins; & a sensational new addition--The Shockingly Sensational Scarlet Woman Outfit  modeled by Carol Crane--Those High Heels & RED bra were really Something!!   Food was also fantastic.
               Report mostly by Captain Helen.     Pictures by Carolyn Holmes, Nancy Marik and Vera Taborsky


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