Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


FWSA January 2011 Meeting at Treasure Island Yacht and Country Club

Helen Gokbudak (front left going clockwise), Sylvia Turner, Ethel VanDam,
Carolyn Holmes,
MadSaltyDog, Brenda Bell, Penny Washburn and Nancy Marik

Below Past Captain and 1st Delegate Penny Washburn gives The Bitter Ends quarterly report.

Nancy Marik at Laptop and Helen Gokbudak adjusting
her bargain hat from the Re-Sale at the meeting to
raise money for the FWSA Young Woman of the Year.
At right, Linda Schwartz, Captain of Luffing Lassies,
won the 50/50.  Below our volunteer models for the
Fashion Show hosted by West Marine, lower right.

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