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Bitter Ends Host FWSA May 19, 2011 Meeting
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As you all know we hosted the annual meeting for FWSA today and a million thanks (that is a lot I know) goes to the committee of Helen Gokbudak, Carol Crane, Judy Karr, Judy Collins, Penny Washburn, Sylvia Turner, Nancy Bradtmiller, Lisa Meacock Karen Williams, Mardi Skoegard, Bettine DeLea and Jane Forbush. We did a great job and so did the Yacht Club staff. Judy Karr you can have a martini now....all lunches eaten and money collected. We had 32 Bitter Ends to attend. My chicken and dessert was great and I understand a few of the vegetable platters were not so great. I guess the Yacht Club will have to work on that one! It was a busy day at the Yacht Club with us having to share the American Flag..... But, it worked out. So much went into who would receive the FWSA directory. After several amendments each club will get one less directory.....as our Sylvia said "So that's forty dollars". But, a few trees saved. Interesting club reports....some gave reports and others took a long walk up to report a "No report". Thank you Penny, 1st Delegate, for our report. We had two Dinghy Dames at our table and it was nice to meet and talk to them about their club. We hope that you had fun getting to know a fellow sailor and maybe next season you will see her at an interclub. The Bitter Ends are experts on winning the 50/50. Thanks to Lisa (she was selling the tickets as well) she won and donated to the Food Bank. Thanks again Ms. Lisa. Captain Wendy
Thank you Judy Karr and Vera Taborsky for taking and sending pictures for the website.


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