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2011 Fall/Winter Awards Party February 16th (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

 Fall/Winter Race Series Awards

Optimist PRAM Class:
Flight A:  Wendy Murray, Judy Collins, Janet Molen
Flight B:  Carol Crane, Sylvia Turner, no 3rd
Flight C (New Salts):  Lisa Meacock, Gloria Casey, Judy Clements

IOD Class:  Lynn Paul, Carolyn Holmes, Mardi Skoegard

SUNFISH Class:  Beth Anderson, Judy Karr, Shirley Geoffrion

Race Committee Chairman Karen Williams gets ready to presents the awards!

PRAMS, Flight A Winners, Wendy Murray, Judy Collins and Janet Molen

PRAMS, Flight B Winners Carol Crane at right Ist Place and Sylvia Turner at left 2nd Place

IOD Winners Lynn Paul, Carolyn Homes and Mardi Skoegard

PRAMS Flight C (NEW SALTS) Lisa Meacock, Gloria Casey and Judy Clements

Sunfish Race Chairman Don Marik ready to present the Sunfish Awards. 1st Place to Beth Anderson, who is out in Vail

SUNFISH 1st Place Winner is Beth Anderson, receiving her award out in Vail.

SUNFISH 2nd Place Judy Karr

SUNFISH 3rd Place Shirley Geoffrion

Carolyn Holmes earned a Perfect Attendance Whale

Lisa Meacock earned a Perfect Attendance Whale

Gloria Casey recieved a Turtle Award for Capsizing her PRAM

Sherry Beck recieved a Turtle Award for Capsizing her Sunfish

Honorable Mention to Vera Taborsky for forgoing sailing competition to help the New Salts

Captain Wendy Murray tells the Boatmaster Story

Bettine DeLea is honored for 17 years as Boatmaster!

Bettine tells how it all started

Bettine and Garry DeLea

Sylvia Turner's delicious desserts are almost gone!!


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