Home Interclub, March 21, 2012
    The Dinghy Dames of Davis Island and the Salty Sisters of St. Petersburg joined
the Bitter Ends for this home interclub.  A number of sailors came down the night
before staying, some with Beth Anderson and some with Lois Steketee. All got
together with many Bitter Ends the night before.  Race day brought a wonderful day
with our sister sailors.  Good temperatures, good wind, good company and good food.
Judy Collins and Beth Anderson coordinated lunch choices at the Tiki Bar.  Interclub
coordinator Ann Carroll acted as Mistress of Ceremonies and awarded the prizes which
were hand painted pictures by Bitters Ends Sylvia Turner.
     Pictures by Beth Anderson, Lynn Paul, and Terry Holcombe
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A nice get together with the visiting clubs the night before at Beth's home.

PRAMS - Right to Left 1st place Judy Collins (Bitter Ends)  2nd place Wendy Murray (Bitter Ends) and 3rd place Tove Kullman (Salty Sisters)

SUNFISH CLASS - rt-lt 1st place Peggy Degling (Dinghy Dames), 2nd place Terry Holcombe (Dinghy Dames) and 3rd place to Bitter Ends Shirley Geoffrion

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