Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


Serving Lunch at the VYB Jim Pique Regatta, Dec. 11, 2010
      The day started out very foggy on Roberts Bay and not a lot of wind, but the kids sailed and came in around noon for Sylvia's wonderful hot dogs. Her helpers this year were Helen Gokbudak, Carol Crane, Carol Miller, Carolyn Holmes, Vera Taborsky, Mardi Skoegard, Jackie Obendorf, Miriam Staveley, Karen Williams and Sara Yunker. The day wrapped up around 4:30 (long day for the kids and parents). Jabbo thanked the Bitter Ends for the lunch and all the goodies. Sara Yunker knew Jim since Sunday School in Tennessee. She told a few stories of the earlier days with Jim while sailing their private boats. She read a poem written by Jim's daughter Ann-Ellen Akeley....very moving for us. Jabbo announced the winners. It was their Fall series plus the Jim Pique Regatta. I got to hand the trophies to these cute and energetic children. What fun? Karen and Carolyn Holmes were also at the awards ceremony. Such fun to watch those kids!! Just to let you know what Sylvia does to get ready for the kids. She does the shopping, brings the grill (thank goodness she kept that station wagon), a table, tablecloths, plates, etc. then does the cooking. With her trusted helpers she did a very super, super job for the kids again. The cookies and snacks were left for the kids to have when they finished sailing. They really enjoyed the snacks at the end of the day also. Hats off to our in-house chef, Sylvia.
      Report by Captain WendyMurray,
      Pictures sent in by Carolyn Holmes, MadSaltyDog and Karen Williams
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Organizer Sylvia Turner

Helpers: Carol Miller, Miriam Staveley, Helen Gokbudak and Mardi Skoegard

Sylvia and Caroyln Holmes, MadSaltyDog

Helen in foreground

Captain Wendy Murray and Jabbo discussing Awards.

Racers enjoying the Bitter Ends Treats

Sara Yunker reading a poem

Captain Wendy presenting the awards.

Award Winners

Just the girl award winners (future Bitter Ends ???)


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