Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


The Interclub at Treasure Island was on Friday, March 13.
Helen Gokbudak takes 3rd! Read full report below.

Interclub at Treasure Island on Friday the 13th!
(Bitter Ends Helen Gokbudak and Lynn Paul competed and are pictured 2nd and 3rd from the far left.)
      The sea was very calm, maximum wind was probably 5. We had two races.
 The first was the usual closed Olympic but the marks were port, starboard & port.
 A little different than our set up. The second & last race, the course was shortened
 for two marks both on port. Through serendipity, I was third in the races. The prams
 were all the same, very nice & all down at the dock for us. The only thing we had to
 do was put in the sail & tiller. Its very relaxing to race when you have all this great
set up prior to getting out on the course. I think 11 prams were racing.
 The hospitality was great.  (Report by Helen Gokbudak)

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