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The Anything But Lazy Days of Summer 2015

End of 2014-2015 Season & Spring Awards 2015 FWSA May Meeting
VYBA 2015 Annual Venetian Cup Regatta 2015 RAINBOW REGATTA, April 21
Home Interclub, April 8, 2015 Winter Race Awards
2015 Denis Hill Memorial Regatta Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy Valentine's Day FWSA January Meeting 2015
Santa Sail Photo    Holiday Party Reserved for away Interclub and away regattas
VWSS Fall Regatta 2014 REV3 Volunteers
reserved for Sunfish Jens workshop
  Home Interclub 11/05/14 Halloween FUN Sail 2014
FWSA Championship Winners (our Ann & Judy) Learn to Sail 2014
Reserved for Committee Boat Workshop in Clearwater 1st 2014 Race Day Bad Weather
FWSA September Meeting 2014 Clean Up!
2014 Boating & Sailor Testing 2014 Kickoff Meeting
2014 Summer Activities 2014 Spring Race Awards Party
FWSA May Meeting Home Interclub April 23, 2014 (Fall Makeup)
VYBA Venetian Cup Regatta April 12, 2014 Winter Race Series 2014
RAINBOW 2014 Home Interclub March 19, 2014
2014 Denis Hill Memorial Regatta
View Photos!  Water PRAMS!  Water Sunfish!
FWSA January 2014 Meeting
2013 Holiday Party ay Janet Molen's Home Santa Sail Photo
2013 Holiday Parade 2013 Women at the Helm Fall Regatta
Halloween Fun Sail to Snake Island Learn to Sail 2013
FWSA September 2013 Meeting 2013 Summer Activities
Various 2013 PRAMS, IODs, SUNFISH Still Photos!
View as Slideshows:    Sunfish       PRAMS
2013 Spring Race Series Awards
FWSA May "40th Anniversary" Mtg, May 16, 2013 2013 FWSA Championship Regatta
Rainbow Regatta, April 8, 2013 2013 Denis Hill Memorial Regatta
March Home Interclub Rained Out Winter Race Series Awards
PRAM Boat Repairs FWSA January Meeting
2012 Holiday Party 2012 November Home Interclub
2012 Halloween Sail to Snake Island 2012 REVOLUTION3 TRIATHLON in Venice
2012 Fall Regatta "Women at the Helm" 2012 Learn to Sail
FWSA 2012 September Meeting 2012-2013 Season Kickoff Meeting and Brunch
2012 Summer Activities Sylvia Turner's 80th Birthday Celebration
2012 Winter/Spring Racing Series Awards FWSA May 2012 Meeting
Bitter Ends 2012 Rainbow
Home Interclub 3-21-12 with DD and SS Denis Hill Memorial Regatta
2012 St. Patrick's Day GREEN 2011-2012 Fall/Winter Race Series Awards & Party
2011 Holiday Party
Jim Pique Regatta Awards Lunch Home Interclub, November 16, 2011
2011 Annual Fall Regatta Winners
Ann Carrol/IOD Pram; Wendy Murray/Pram; Beth Anderson/Sunfish
Commodore Lucas Regatta at SPYC Pass-a-Grille
October 27, 2011 Interclub at TAMPA 2011 Halloween Sail
Sun Fiesta Parade, October 16, 2011 October 11, 2011 Interclub at St. Pete.
GOODBYE JABBO Party VWSS First Day Fall 2011
FWSA September Meeting 2011
2011 Learn to Sail
2011 Fall Clean-up Summer 2011 Activities Photos
Winter/Spring 2011 Awards Party Bitter Ends Host FWSA May 19, 2011 Meeting
"Sail n' Fun" Home Interclub March 30, 2011 St. Patrick's Day 2011 Sail
2011 Denis Hill Memorial Regatta 2011 Fall/Winter Awards Party, February 16th
35th Anniversary Party, January 21, 2011 FWSA January 2011 Meeting
2010 Holiday Party Slideshow Serving lunch for VYB Jim Pique Regatta
2010 Santa "no" Sail Photo
"Come Sail Away" Home Interclub, November 18, 2010
2010 Commodore Lucas Regatta Halloween Sail 2010
Sertoma Sun Fiesta Parade 2010 Fall Regatta "Women at the Helm" 2010
Marguerite O'Connor's Celebration Party & Collage & DVD
FWSA September 2010 Meeting Learn to Sail 2010
Bob Kelly Tribute Photo Poster Collage      Photo Descriptions
Summer 2010 Activities Photos Winter/Spring 2010 Awards Party
FWSA May 2010 Meeting Rainbow Regatta, April 21, 2010
 APRIL FOOLs HOME Interclub 3-31-10:   Awards Party  &  PRAM Sailing Photos
St. Patrick's Day, 2010 NO SAIL
FWSA Ft. De Soto Kayaking and Nature Walk, February 22, 2010
US Sailing Symposium 2010
Lynn Paul's Report and Pictures
Kayaking at Red Lake (Capersen)  2009 Annual Holiday Party
 Interclub with St. Pete 12-08-09  HOME Interclub 11-18-09
 Halloween Sail 2009 (no pics)  2009 Fall Regatta
 Sun Fiesta Parade 2009  Interclub with Sarasota 10-15-09
Learn to Sail 2009 Summer 2009 Activities
Winter/Spring Awards Party 2009 Last Sail 2008-2009 Sailing Season
Successful Interclub (Salty Sisters and Dingy Dames) on April Fools Day
St. Patrick's Day Sailors in GREEN
Interclub at Treasure Island, 3-13-09
United Way/SPARCC Walk-a-Thon February 28, 2009
Interclub in St. Pete., 2-26-09 Past Captain Lynn Paul crews in all women regatta!
Our oldest Valentine Sailor Marguerite O'Connor! 
FALL/WINTER 2008-2009
2009 FWSA January Meeting
 Annual Holiday Party 2008 Kayaking in Dona Bay
 Annual Commodore Lucas Cup 2008 Halloween Horror - To cold to Sail 2008
Bitter Ends Fall Regatta 2008         Sun Fiesta Parade 2008
First Interclub at Sarasota 2008
FWSA September Meeting Learn-To-Sail 2008
Summer 2008 Activities
Learn-To-Sail 2007 FWSA May Meeting in Venice
Crow's Nest Regatta Photo Santa  Claus Photo
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