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***** Season 2013 - 2014 *****  
Bitter Ends and their friends come join us for an action-packed  Summer Schedule!
2014 Spring Race Awards Party held June 4th at the Bath Club!    View Pictures!

SUNFISH        PRAMS 2nd Flight      IODs       PRAMS First Flight

Pam Miller receives the Shipmate of the Year!

Whale Charms for Perfect Attendance

Bitter Ends
Hosts May FWSA Meeting

29 Bitter Ends Attend and Win Spirit Award for PRAMS/IOD Interclub Participation!

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Home Interclub November Makeup - Click for Photos

Guests Luffing Lassies of Sarasota and
Windlasses of Dunedin.
Winners awarded at luncheon at Tiki Bar are l-r Prams: 1st Dorothy Connor (WL), 2nd Carol Miller (BE),
3rd Karen Williams (BE),
IOD: 1st Lisa Ehrhart (LL) not pictured: 2nd Gloria Casey (BE), 3rd Dotty Bellefleur (WL)

VYBA Venetian Cup Regatta: Sailing in the Gulf far right, Beth Anderson (#80337) and Shirley Geoffrion (#4363) compete in Sunfish in the VYBA Venetian Cup Regatta,
which replaces the Annual Jabbo Gordon Regatta. In middle Shirley and Beth after the race.  Beth wins 2nd Place, trophy presented at left by John Sammett, President of VYBA.


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Winter Race Series Winners:
View Photos of Awards Luncheon

Left to right columns, front to back:
 Flight A Prams, Wendy Murray(1st), Judy Collins(2nd), Carol Miller(3rd)
Flight B (New Salts), Jan Hughes(1st), Linda Sheppard-Millette(2nd), no 3rd
IODs, Ann Carroll(1st), Miriam Staveley(2nd), Penny Washburn(3rd)
Sunfish, Janet Molen(1st), Pam Miller(2nd), Shirley Geoffrion(3rd)
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Our guests:  Mainsheet Mamas & Bow Chasers

At right S = SUNFISH, I = IOD, P = PRAM, and 1 = 1st, 2 = 2nd, 3 = 3rd.
  View Morning and & Awards Luncheon Photos!
           View PRAM IOD Water Photos!

Pictured l-r, front row: Shirley Geoffrion (S2), Dee Connor (P2), Dorothy Connor (P3), Penny Washburn (I2);
back row: PJ Summerville (P1), Lisa Meacock (S3), Julie Sargent (I3), Janet Molen (S1), Carol McClain (I1).

Denis Hill Memorial Regatta Winners:
                 March 5, 2014
At left Janet Molen, Sunfish Winner,
Miriam Staveley, IOD Winner,
Denis Hill in life-size picture,
Denis' Widow Eve Hill (Regatta Sponsor),
Judy Collins, PRAM Winner.

View Photos!  Water PRAMS!  Water Sunfish!

Bitter Ends Valentine's Day Sail, Feb. 12, 2014
A Windy Fun Day on the Water!

The Windlasses of Dunedin hosted the
January FWSA Meeting held at the
Belleair Country Club.  Ten Bitter Ends
leave very early for a long road trip to
Belleair.  All having a good day of
FWSA shopping, visiting, and FWSA
Business.  Bitter Ends to host May Meeting!

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Fall Winners Awarded at Holiday Party.  Party Photos!

Pictured, l-r, are Linda, Pam, Judy C., Brenda, Nancy B., Carolyn, Wendy
                                  Winners Fall 2013 Race Series:

SUNFISH:  1st-Pam Miller, 2nd-Brenda Bell, 3rd-Lisa Meacock

IODs:  1st-Judy Karr, 2nd-Gloria Casey, 3rd-Carolyn Holmes

PRAMs 1st Flight:  1st-Wendy Murray, 2nd-Judy Collins, 3rd-Nancy Bradtmiller

PRAMs 2nd Flight (New Salts):  1st-Susan Colunio, 2nd-Linda Sheppard-Millette, 3rd-Kathryn Heywood
Santa Sail 2013 on December 11th!
Holiday Parade Photos!
Collage of Parade Setup by Lynn Paul

In line and ready to go our lighted Sunfish and PRAM

Women at the Helm Regatta
Held November 20, 2013

Winners at left:
Sunfish, Brenda Bell (right)
Prams, Carol Miller (left)
IODs, Judy Karr (middle)

Notice of Race       Sailing Instructions

Read the Regatta Report by Beth Anderson

View Regatta Photos!

Halloween Winners:
1st Place Gloria Casey's "50 Shades of Gray" (center);
2nd Place, Beth Anderson is a beautiful Mermaid; Right 3rd Place Shirley Geoffrion as a clown.

Learn to Sail 2013 Graduates!

View Learn to Sail Slide Show Photos

  Many Bitter Ends attend FWSA      
September 2013 Meeting!
Many Bitter Ends attend FWSA Meeting at Treasure Island
Before the kick-off of the 2013 Fall season, members of the Venice Women's Sailing Squadron took out 5 boats that had been repaired over the summer to test for any water leaks that had been missed and to try out the new sails and spars purchased.  Pictured are: Nancy Muldoon, boat 1, Carolyn Holmes, boat 4, Pam Miller, boat 3, Helen Gokbudak, boat 6, and Sue Carroll, boat 2.  Not pictured on the committee boat were Karen Williams, Wendy Murray and Carol Crane who were at the ready to rescue any boat that might take on too much water.  Luckily, most boats were dry and ready for the start of racing. 
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