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The Racing Rules of Sailing
2017 - 2020

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2014-15  2013-14  2012-13

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RACE of the AGES

Bitter Ends vs VYBA

AWARDS provided by Bitter Ends
 Movie Tickets & Certificates

Plus Sailboat Place Cookies
made by Race Chair Pam Miller

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The Competitors with RC & Safety Boats Crews!

Front row: Judy Karr, Beth Anderson, Landon Coleman;
2nd row:  Colton Schmidt, Alyssa Jongsma, Karen Williams, Wendy Murray, Judy Collins, Zoe Watson, Anna Roberts, Annabelle McClintock, Kane Fenton, Pam Miller;
3rd row/back left:  Bitter Ends Captain Gloria Casey, VYBA Director Tara Foster, Sylvia Turner, Coach Evan Occhino, Coach Ethan Hanley, Olivia Hanley;
3rd row/back right Donna Koval, Marge Whiteman, Janet Molen

Bitter Ends' 11th Annual "Women at the Helm" FALL REGATTA 2018
Great Turn Out for our Annual Regatta!  Winners in Three Classes get name engraved on Perpetual Plagues which they get to keep till next year's Regatta!
2018 Winners: PRAM Winner Wendy Murray, IOD Winner Judy Karr, SUNFISH Winner Beth Anderson

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Great Success with Visitors from the
Salty Sisters, Broad Reachers and
Dinghy Dames!

Greetings by Captain Gloria,

Race Instructions by Race Chair, Pam Miller

Planned by Interclub Chair, Susan St. John

Course A RC Boat Captain Marty

Spectator Boat Captain Kim Whiteman

Course B RC Boat Captain Beth Anderson

Lunch and Sign-in Helper Anne Chotkowski

Lunch at Higel Park
Catered by CROISSANT & CO

Photographer Nancy Marik
The Competitors!
Left to right: Salty Sisters of St. Pete: Gail Poffenberger and Debbie Walcut;
Broad Reachers of Pass-a-Grille: Katie Rogers and Judy Clapp;
Dingy Dames of Davis Island: Nanette Grantham, Susie Colonio, and Patti Chapin;
Bitter Ends of Venice: Miriam Staveley, Jill Joos, Tina Haase, and Claire MacFayden.
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Click for Halloween Horror Close-ups!

Halloween Sailors 2018
Winners: Claire for Most Elegant, Captain Glo for Most Creative, Nancy for Most Floatation
The Evening and Elegantly Dressed Group
The Bedtime Group
The Miscellaneous Group

Click to play LTS-2018 Video  , if it does not work for you save it to your hard drive and play it from there!

View Learn to Sail 2018 webpage with individual Video Slides

Learn to Sail Class of 2018:
Class Organizer Susan St. John

MJ O'Brien
Dianne VanVolkenburgh
Christine Holmes
Jennifer Kessler
Mary Littel
Joan Carignan (not pictured)

KICK OFF Meeting for 2018-2019 held at Sylvia Turner's Home,  Captain Gloria Casey off to a "GLOWING" Start!

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